Zelda BoTW Mini Boss Locations - Talus, Stalnox, Hinox, Lynel, Molduga

Mini bosses are dangerous enemies in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They’re often really large, with lots of health and strong attacks. They also drop the best loot, so it’s always worth fighting them. You’ll need to know their weaknesses, their attack patterns, and of course, where to find them. In this guide, we’re going to show you Zelda Breath of The Wild mini boss locations, what they drop and how to defeat them.

zelda breath of the wild mini boss locations
Mini boss locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Stone Talus

zelda botw stone talos locations
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Stone Talus is a giant boulder, basically. It’s a rock formation that comes to life and attacks you. Bombs can stagger it, allowing you to climb on its back. This is where its weak spot is – a black mining node. Whack away at it until you’re thrown off. Repeat the process until it’s dead. Using a mining tool like the sledgehammer can speed up the process considerably. It can drop precious stones like amber, opal, ruby, topaz and sapphire. It’s a slow fight, but if you’re cautious, it should be easy enough.

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We’ve encountered two of them in the early areas. One was in the north of the Great Plateau area, on the outskirts of Hopper Pond. The other was near Dueling Peaks, on the edge of the mountain north of the river.

Igneo Talus

igneo talus mini boss locations  zelda botw
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Cousin to the Stone Talus, the Igneo Talus is a giant flaming boulder. You can fight it the same way you’d fight the rocky one, except you’ll need protection from fire. In order to reach the mining node unharmed, you’d best invest in Flamebreaker Armor. If you don’t have the cash, you should grab a couple of Fireproof Elixirs. However, we recommend getting the armor – it has more uses. You can also shoot it with ice arrows or hit it with frost weapons, to extinguish the flames for a short while. The rewards you can get are the same as with the stone variant – a bunch of randomized precious stones.

We’ve found only one. It was in the Eldin area, on the slopes of Death Mountain. Follow the road the goes parallel to Goronbi River. You should encounter the boss before you reach South Goron Mine.


zelda botw hinox mini boss locations
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Hinox is a giant cyclops. He’s extremely dangerous – he can use tree trunks as weapons, and does a whole lot of damage. We suggest you stack up on healing fairies before fighting one. The eye is their weak spot – hit it and they’ll stagger. This will allow you to place a few hits before the giant gets back up. They’re also quite slow, so you can kite them around and throw bombs/shoot arrows at them. They drop Hinox Teeth, Hinox Guts, Hinox Toenails and various weapons. You can sell their parts to Kilton for a lot of Mon.


stalnox locations zelda breath of the wild
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Stalnox is basically an animated Hinox skeleton. As such, it also has an extremely large eye, which is its weak point. Shooting it will stagger the monster, allowing you to dish out damage unpunished. It can even pop out of the socket and fall to the ground. When it does, hit it with all you’ve got, or else the Stalnox will respawn. They drop Hinox teeth and random weapons. We’ve seen one in Hyrule Castle Underground, and another in a forest in Necluda.


zelda Lynel spawn and farming locationsLynel is one of the toughest mini bosses in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Lynel Hoof, Guts and Horn parts are used to upgrade Barbarian set, Soldier’s Armor and Radiant set. If you need a detailed guide with map screenshots where to farm Lynels, and how to defeat them check out our guide Zelda Breath of the Wild Lynel spawn and farming locations.


The Molduga is a giant sand worm. They appear in the Gerudo area, attacking unsuspecting travelers. When you get ambushed, try to stay on solid ground. They only dive through sand, so they can’t get under you when you’re on a stone slab. Trow bombs to draw their attention – they’ll usually swallow them. When you detonate the bomb, it will stagger the worm, letting you smash it a couple of times before returning to your stone sanctuary.

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  1. X

    There is another Igneo Talus SE oft Gordon City on an small Island in a lavalake

    1. S

      I found I just ran because I had no ice arrows.

  2. C

    Stone talus is easy to beat if you have a hammer, that does a lot of damage to the mining node and I can usually take it down fairly quickly.

    1. S

      Yeah I got the boulder breaker and I killed himself with three hits.

  3. P

    just so you guys know theres 40 talus total, 40 hinox total, and 4 molduga. (talus includes all 3 types and hinox includes all 3 types aswell) you should try make a map of all lynel spawns btw. they are the single most valuable enemy due to their drops

    1. M

      More than 3 types of talus too. so far i have encountered a frozen talus, and igneous talus, a normal stone talus, a rare mineral talus, and a luminous talus.

  4. P

    meant 4 types of hinox not 3. (red, blue, black and skeleton)

  5. L

    Tip for Igneo Talus — if you have a frost weapon or ice arrows, you can hit their main body to extinguish the flame effect for a while, negating the need for fireproof armor/elixirs.

    1. J
      Julio Poe

      Except that they’re only found in places where you’d need to be wearing fireproof armor or use elixirs…

  6. M

    Found another Stone Talus on top of the large hill/small mountain close to the path at Castle Town Prison if anyone’s interested.

  7. F

    There’s at Least 3 Igneo Talus around Eldin, there’s one that everyone finds on way to the southern mine, There’s one on the rock in Gorko Lake, and there’s one just south of Lake Darman, Could of sworn i found a 4th one but i neglected to mark it so not sure. Ive been farming all my Talus spawns every Blood Moon for easy Rupees.
    The only Frost talus i’ve marked is east of “Sho Dantu Shrine and west of Sapphias Table in the snowy area of Gerudo Highlands.
    several stone Talus scattered my favorite one to hit is on the cliffs of quince if you glider NW of Hateno Tower you cant miss it,
    Theres a Luminous directly east of “east Resevoir Lake in Zoras domain small pond marks its location on the map.

    Theres tons of others but wheres the fun in me telling you them all Happy hunting.

  8. Z

    Here is a tip for you all on the topic of Stone Taluses.

    Grab a guardian sword – the weakest kind will do – and it will be dead in seconds. Also attack with high stamina lvls as you will need to paraglide off and run right away when they attempt to crush you with their fists. Arrows aren’t that effective. Hope this helps

  9. J
    Jerame Payne

    If You Use Urbosa’s Fury On A Blue Hinox Three Times It Kill Them Instantly. just Saying.

  10. J
    Joshua Janke

    Just so you know there also is a Stalnox just south of Satori Mountain and east of Rutile Lake… if you go on the map and zoom in just until you can read satori mountain make yourself an imaginary line straight down between the M and the O of mountain and the most north point of Rutile lake when the two lines meet look right there you cant miss him…. thats if hes out and not hiding in the ground… lol

  11. D
    Dante Militello

    There are more than 40 hinoxes, so yeah. There’s a stone talus near outskirt stable too

  12. A

    Ok guys the easiest way to beat the talus is to just shoot the hit spot with arrows so u can attack it from a safe distance.

  13. Z
    Zelda Fan

    There is another Igneo west of where you found Yunobo. Hitting the mining nodes with bomb arrows deals a load of damage too.

  14. D

    I have a problem with the fact this website has DLC information but not the fact that there are in fact to ingneo talus both in the death mountain region granted I’ve only fought the second one once because of how out of the way it is

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