Reaching your “peak” in Breath of the Wild? Not quite what you think

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has reinvigorated both the Nintendo sales and the Zelda franchise as such. The “open air” approach is now considered the new standard and while this change might alienate some of the older players, it certainly encourages players to be creative. In this case, to fly across almost the entire map!

The YouTuber in question, mety333, managed to ascend as high as the actual “ceiling” of the game by using a metal box on a cart and the ability to magnetize. Upon reaching the said “ceiling”, all that is left is to glide forever. Shirtless. Of course, it can never be that simple, as he had to gulp down some stamina elixirs due to Link’s poor upper body strength. He went from Death Mountain all the way to the snowfields in the northwest!

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Nintendo is carefully updating its golden goose, update 1.1.1. is out there, bringing smoother framerates if not much else. Breath of the Wild has been doing wonders for Switch sales, which comes as no surprise. It is one of the best launch games on any platform ever. The more surprising information is perhaps that it is also improving Wii U sales, both new and second hand. Flying high on wings of Zelda, Switch even managed to outdo PS4 on the Japanese market last week.

The future of Zelda seems quite bright, with the game expected to receive DLCs for the first time in its history. The first one, aimed for a summer release, should bring new challenges, as well as a new hard mode, while the second one should bring an actual new original story. They are coming as parts of a $19.99 worth of season pass.

As always, if you are looking to get more out of your Zelda experience, feel free to check our guides, we worked hard on those babies!

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