Zelda Breath of The Wild Secret Mount - Lord of The Mountain

Lord of The Mountain is a secret mount in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It’s a magical creature that looks like a glowing, white horse. It has four amber eyes and golden antlers that look like tree branches. It’s one of the fastest mounts in the game. It’s hidden in a grove in one of the mountain ranges, and it’s pretty hard to tame. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Lord of the Mountain secret mount in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

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lord of the mountain secret mount zelda botw
Zelda Breath of The Wild Secret Mount

Where to find secret mount in Zelda BoTW

The Lord of The Mountain can be found in a grove atop Satori Mountain, west of Central Hyrule. Travel to the Ridgeland Tower, then go south. Climb to the top of the mountain, and you’ll see an old cherry tree next to a pond. The ground around it will be covered in pink petals.

The creature should be there at night, although it isn’t always. If at first you don’t find it, go away and try again another day. There’s a shrine on the mountain that will help you get there faster in the future.

Once you’ve spotted it, sneak up on it. Save the game before you do – you might have to eat something to buff your stealth. You’ll need a bunch of stamina upgrades before you can tame it, as well – it requires two full circles of stamina to soothe successfully. Once it’s under your command, you can use it to race across the world pretty quickly. You can spur it five times before it gets tired and needs to rest.Sadly, you can’t register it at a stable, since it’s not techincally a horse, but it’s a beautiful creature and it would be a shame if you missed it.



  1. P

    you can get a monster saddle from kilton if you want to keep it I think

    1. K

      Wheres kilton

      1. A
        Aaron Cotton

        Did you ever find Kilton? He’s in Akkala.

  2. A

    We kept noticing a green glowing mountain that would disappear. We also kept checking back at the tree for the ghost horse. It wasn’t until we finally caught the glowing green mountain just as it was disappearing that we saw the glowing horse. It vanished just as we got there. I think… the green glowing mountain is the signal for when the horse is there.

    1. H

      I think it is too.

    2. B

      It appears at night, along with a bunch of blupees. The summit glows at night because they are there at the moment. There is a shrine on the side of the mountain that they are located on. You can travel there during the night and make your way to the summit to get to the Lord of the mountain. The creatures will disappear during the day.

  3. A

    Oh, and I should say that the green glowing mountain and the location of the horse are two of the same.

  4. G
    Ganondorf Dragmire

    i have the saddle from kilton but no u can not keep it i also went to the horse god idk man but i think u cannot have this ting fore ever

    1. C
      Captain Obiois

      It’s technically not a horse

      1. M
        Michael Lyndon

        Name checks out

  5. R

    Just use Epona

  6. P

    You can catch good horses at taobad grasslands that are better than epona.

    4 strength, 4 speed and 5 stamina

    1. T

      only if you’re lucky it seems and it’s only marginally higher as the stamina is a 5 star whereas epona is 4 star. so that’s the only difference between that horse and epona.

    2. S

      I just did Zelda’s horse quest, that horse is a beast and you get special armor and you can actually register it.

      1. K

        The stats on my white horse are 4-3-5 so yeah pretty good.

        1. N
          No name

          Get the ancient horse armor it increases stamina bye two

  7. O

    have u try to go to your home ? theyr is a stable with 2 place maybe its for this one and the skeleton horse !!

    1. J

      No I tried putting the lord of the mountain there and he disappeared…

  8. K

    Will it despawn though?`

  9. A

    I found and tamed the Lord of the Mountain yesterday, but he disappeared and I can’t find him again. Is he gone forever?

    1. B
      Black Nova

      No, he’s not gone forever. You can find him back at Satori Mountain whenever it’s glowing at night.

  10. A

    I love to play and watch Zelda games and my mom does too!!
    She has defeated Ganon TWICE in breath of the wild

    1. B
      Brian b

      I beat Ganon 14 times in a row without dying even once or having to use mipha’s grace or healing items with only 10 hearts

      1. B
        Brian b

        And I’ve only had the game for around a week on my switch

        1. J

          yea beating ganon is honestly pretty damn easy lol ive beaten him a few times and i honestly dont think he hit me more than once. there are plenty of normal enemies that gave me a harder time if im being honest.

          1. J

            why would u fight him 14 times in a row anyways? its not like u gain anything from it lol getting to him in a week is extremely easy to do but youre missing out on a lot of the game if thats all you did. you can get to AND beat ganon the first couple hours of playing if you know what youre doing.

          2. N
            No name

            Barbarian lynols are harder

        2. S

          My son beat Ganon without taking any damage

      2. Q

        Ganon in this game isn’t even hard to fight and the fight is over very quickly.

    2. E

      You’re lucky man no one in my family plays games at all. My dad plays Mario kart with me sometimes but that’s it.

  11. A

    can you give me advice someone because I am stuck at Hateno Village

    1. J

      have you restored the blue flame to the furnace at the science lab?

  12. T

    I found a white horse with blonde hair. Max stamina. Not super fast but good steed non to less.. over by the horse monument where a memory was.

  13. D

    It cannot be stabled, but then again it was placed in the game as a memorial to Iwata.

  14. D

    Still trying to find this guy, but I prefer that giant horse .. he’s awesome. I have Epona,Zelda’s horse and the Giant one now. Next this mystical sucker

  15. N
    No name

    I have a all black horse with white stockings but I gave it ancient horse armor and it increased everything by one (a stable will only show the base stats)but it can teleport anywhere(except the gerudo desert ) it’s frickin awesome

    1. Z
      Zelda Master

      ya the Ancient armor is cool but u can only get it with DLC

  16. Z
    Zelda Fan

    I thought that the glowing horse was like a rabbit that gives you rupees and I tried to defeat it oops

  17. Z
    Zelda Master

    Lynel is way harder to kill than Ganon

  18. L

    my thing is how do you get a giant hores in BOTW

    1. J
      Jaime Rodriguez

      Taobob Grassland in between Gerudo Desert and Lake Hyrule

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