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  1. S

    so is shrine 57 in the ravine or beside of it because i cant find it and my sencor does not show that therse a shrine at all

    1. S

      nevermide i found it i was looking in the wrong spot

  2. A

    Xander 114 is not a quest.

  3. A

    Jamey I’v beaten the game ten times without 8 shrines beat that bich.

  4. M

    Need help with 12. I’ve found the statues, just don’t know what to do. Thoughts?

    1. J

      The guide gives a pretty detailed description on what you should do.

  5. M
    Mary Donovan

    I got all 119 shrines. But I am missing one

  6. X

    Um is 114 a shrine quest or a regular because i can’t find it

  7. L

    Hi I have 53 shines out of 120 so I need it so I can do it

  8. R

    80 is at North West.

  9. R

    I know where every number is.

  10. T

    Ive been playing botw for 2 years now and i have never played in normal mode only in master mode lol!

  11. O

    Where is 92

  12. B

    Suck my dick Jamey

  13. S

    if its shrine 60 it took me a while there a bomb able wall there the best way to get it is with a bomb arrow

  14. R

    I have gone through this 3 times now. I have 119 shrines and have hovered over each one and said its name outloud to make sure I am not missing anything. I need 1 shrine and I can’t find it. Its a great guide but I feel it’s missing one shrine…. Is this a verified map? I like the numbering system but I don’t think it adds up!? Help!!

    1. P

      There are 120 spots on here which one are you missing?

    2. A
      Aiden Moses

      I have the same problem, ecxcept it’s like I found them all, but it says I only I have 119, help me, please.

    3. C

      You have to go to the hidden temple to the left of my. Drena. In the valley any the end of that dark part inside the temple (watch out for the guardians) and if you have all other shrines you then get a reward of a special outfit lol not worthy of what you should get at the end of all the shrines and if you havr that one idk maybe you think there should be more so you can max put everything but u cant hope that helps

  15. J

    I already got the master sword and beat the game losers

    1. P

      That just means you didn’t take your time to get anything you just rushed through. My mom got the sword, beat Ganon twice, and she is still working on the game. I think the loser here is you.

    2. A
      Aiden moses

      Jamey, I killed Ganon all by myself, in just TWO attempts, and that was literally 2-3 years ago, I just didn’t find all shrines yet.

    3. A

      frick jamey and play breath of the wild

    4. M

      yeah ok Jamey. I have beat ganon 7 times, 5 in master mode, have gotten the master sword 5 times ( twice i beat ganon without it and no divine beasts) and am currently doing a 100% run i have 893 korok seeds,( havent upgraded my invintory once) and need five more shrines. beat that

      1. B
        botw master#!!

        already have i own 999 of everything and found all korok seeds without any help my inventory is just how it i when you start meaning not an upgrade put into it i even used a glitch to beat ganon with only tree branches apon that i have defeated ganon 77 times and 53 times in master mode 🙂

    5. B
      botw master#!!

      unless u have every shrine and all unshockable’s dont want to hear you call others loser.

  16. M

    This was so helpful, thanks!

  17. L

    i only need 2 shrines before i get the master sword!

  18. N

    I can’t find 80

    1. M

      It’s in the corner of Hebra.

      1. L

        it’s underground. kind of important

      2. M

        If anyone is going for 65 just be careful there are two lynels around there.

        1. B
          Botw master

          Yea especially if your in master mode

          1. J

            yeah it harder in master mode

  19. W

    How do you get shrine 9

    1. B
      Botw master

      It’s all of the three dueling peaks shrines close together

    2. B
      botw master#!!

      closest to the tower at dueling peaks use shieka senser to find it

      1. D

        How do you do it. I took pic of shrine an it goes to album not the place I can activate the senser

  20. D

    Thank you for this. Do you have a list for the names?

    1. J

      Of course. The article this map is from lists them all. Here you go.