Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrines - Where to Find & How to Complete

Shrines are places of trial in Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. They’re like small dungeons. Once inside, you’ll have to complete platforming challenges and various other puzzles. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a spirit orb. There are 120 shrines in the game and after completing them all you’ll unlock Green Tunic of the Wild. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all Zelda Breath of The Wild shrines and help you solve their puzzles.

zelda breath of the wild shrines
Zelda Breath of The Wild Shrines

Great Plateau Shrine locations

Zelda Breath of the Wild great plateau shrine locations
In the first area – Great Plateau you will find four Shrines:
  1. Keh Namut Shrine – Cryonis Trial
  2. Owa Daim Shrine – Stasis Trial
  3. Ja Baij Shrine – Bomb Trial
  4. Oman Au Shrine – Magnesis Trial
In order to go through the snowy mountain, and reach the shrine you’ll need something to warm you up. You can use a torch melee weapon. Swing your torch over the fire to light it. If you have Spicy Pepper, Raw Meat and Hyrule Bass you can make Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry meal that gives cold resistance, and if you give the meal to the old man in the cottage during the night, he’ll reward you with Warm Doublet. We have a comprehensive guide How to protect from cold & solve Old Man’s Warm Doublet recipe.

Necluda Shrine locations

This region is positioned just east from the first one – Great Plateau. It consists of two major areas – West and East Necluda.

West Necluda

West Necluda All Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild

While wandering the second area, West Necluda, you’ll be able to complete several Shrines:

  1. Bosh Kala Shrine – On the Hylia river, near Proxim bridge.
  2. Wahgo Katta Shrine – Next to the Riverside Stable, close to the road, hard to miss.
  3. Hila Rao Shrine – On an island. As soon as you reach the island, you’ll get the quest “Watch out for the Flowers”. From Magda, who gives you the quest, follow the path to your left. Find your way through the flower maze.
  4. Shee Venath Shrine – You’ll have to climb to the top of the mountain. The shrine is located just below it. Jump from the top, and glide toward the hidden entrance.
  5. Ree Dahee Shrine – At Dueling Peaks, close to the river. You’ll have to climb a bit.
  6. Shee Vaneer Shrine – This one is just across the Shee Venath. You’ll need to bring your Warm Doublet, as it is cold up there. This is the highest peak in the area.
  7. Ha Dahamar Shrine – Close to the stable, easy to spot.
  8. Kam Urog Shrine – Reveals itself upon completion of the The Cursed Statue Shrine Quest – puzzle solution found in this guide.
  9. Ta’loh Naeg Shrine – Inside Kakariko Village, hard to miss.
  10. Daka Tuss Shrine – Can be seen from a distance.
  11. Toto Sah Shrine – West from Hickaly Woods, just next to the river there is a breakable stone structure. Drop the bomb into the river from a rock upstream, to make it flow to the stone structure. Detonate the bomb at the right time to destroy the sealed gate and reveal the entrance.
  12. Lakna Rokee Shrine – To unlock this shrine you will have to do several quests in Kakariko Village. First, complete the main questline from Hetano village, with Impa, until you get the Champion’s tunic. Next, do Flown the Coop – find Cuccos for guard Cado (one is on the roof of armor shop, other can be found after 17h only). Get By Firefly’s Light quest, by talking to Lasli, owner of the armor shop, in her house at around 21:40 game time. Collect 5 fireflies – there are some in the village, and some in the forest past the shrine next to the village. Bring back the fireflies to her house and drop them in front of her, before the night is over, to complete the quest. Complete Find the Fairy Fountain you get from painter Pikango, found at the praying statue in the village. After these three you go back to Impa’s house and there should be a shrine quest The Stolen Heirloom starting. Wait for night and look at the two guards in front of Impa’s house. One of them will start walking away. Follow him at a distance and complete the quest to reveal the shrine.

East Necluda

All East Necluda Shrines Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. Myahm Agana Shrine – At the entrance to Hateno Village, up on the hill.
  2. Muwo Jeem Shrine – On the mountain peak, can be seen from a distance.
  3. Chaas Qeta Shrine – On the tiny Tenoko Island. You can glide down to it from the previous one.
  4. Yah Rin Shrine – Above Lurelin Village. That’s the same place where you can find Cloyne, and earn a bunch of rupees easily.
  5. Korgu Chideh Shrine – Found on the Eventide Island, deep in the southeast. You might need stamina regeneration food, as gliding toward this island takes a lot of time. This is the most fun part of the shrine reveal quests, so we won’t spoil it.
  6. Kah Yah Shrine – Just under the eastern part of Mount Dunsel, on the beach, in an area called Palmorae Ruins. Talk to Garini to start the quest “A Fragmented Monument”. The first fragment is close to Garini, in the grass around the boulder near the three palm trees. The second is on Palmorae Beach. Look for some floating barrels and inspect the rocks in the water nearby. The third one is a the furthest point of the crescent-shaped peninsula called Soka Point. Return to Garini, then stand on the orange shrine plate and hit crouch.
  7. Tawa Jin Shrine – Up in the mountains, on the plateau between three ponds: Hany Pond, Rabella Wetlands and Uteh Marsh. You’ll spot it from afar thanks to the five large bones and the three pressure plates. Three giants guard the three ancient spheres nearby. Defeat them, take the spheres and place them on the plates.

Faron Shrine locations

Faron is an area in the south. It’s made up of zones like Faron Grasslands and Sea, Lake Hylia, Bronas Forest, Corta Lake, Riola Sprint, Rodai Lake and others.

Faron Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild Game

  1. Shoda San Shrine – Behind the Riola Spring waterfall. There is a hidden path next to the waterfall that takes you to the entrance.
  2. Qukah Nata Shrine is a SECRET Shrine. You’ll have to find Kaas first and start a quest “A Song of Storms“. This one is high above, next to the Calora Lake. If there is rain, use the Cryonis rune on the waterfall and climb up, step by step. On top, you should find Kass. If you need help to complete the quest and activate the shrine follow our Kass Secret Shrine Locations and Riddle Solutions guide.
  3. Shai Utoh Shrine – At Ubota Point, behind the stable, on the ground floor. Find a breakable stone structure and destroy it. It will reveal the cave entrance.
  4. Pumaaag Nitae Shrine – Somewhere between Finra Woods (to the west) and Pagos Woods (to the east), at ground level.
  5. Ka’o Makagh Shrine – On a hill above the stable.
  6. Shae Katha Shrine – North of Dracozu Lake, behind the statue of Goddess Hylia in the Spring of Courage. Offer one of Farosh’s scales to enter. You can find more detailed instructions in our Kass Secret Shrines Quest & Riddle Solutions guide.
  7. Ya Naga Shrine – In the middle of Hylia Island in Hylia Lake. Start from Lake Tower, turn northwest and paraglide from there.
  8. Ishto Soh Shrine – East of Daval Peaks. Use your paraglider to fly eastward from the mountains.
  9. Shoqa Tatone Shrine – Talk to Loone in northwest Puffer Beach to start Guardian Slideshow Shrine Quest. She’ll ask you to show her pictures of three different Guardians – small, flying, and walking around. Take the orb and put it in the mound.

Gerudo Desert Shrine locations

Gerudo desert is located in the southwestern part of Hyrule. Three shrines listed here are found on the way to the desert from Central Hyrule. Some of the areas that compose Gerudo Desert are West and East Barrens, Gerudo Ruins, Toruma Dunes, Northern Icehosue, Palu Wasteland and many others.

Gerudo Desert All Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. Rota ooh Shrine – If you head toward the Gerudo Desert from the center of the map – Hyrule Field – you’ll go by the Outskirt Stable. From the stable, head west up the hill.
  2. Dah Kaso Shrine – There’s a set of bridges that connect the tall stone formations in this area. Look down from the bridge that connects two larger platforms. The shrine is next to the water and the raft. Beware of the sleeping giant Hinox.
  3. Jee Noh Shrine – East from the Wasteland Tower that reveals the desert map, close to the road.
  4. Dila Maag Shrine – Glide from the Wasteland Tower to the southeast. Soon enough, you’ll spot the tall stone maze called South Lomei Labyrinth. If you don’t care about rupees, head to the west of the central maze part, the one just south from its mid-line. You should spot a few corrupted areas there. There’s a hidden entrance below the one that looks like a bridge.
  5. Key Noh Shrine – The path that takes you to the desert goes by the Gerudo Canyon Stable, just before the Gerudo Desert Gateway. Climb the rocks south from the stable.
  6. Dako Tah Shrine – This one is tricky to find if there is a desert storm in the area. You can easily spot it during the night. It is in the middle of the stone structures in the Great Cliffs area, a bit above ground level.
  7. Daqo Chisay Shrine – Just before the entrance to Gerudo Town.
  8. Misae Suma Shrine – Southeast from Gerudo Town, in the area between Southern Oasis (to the west) and East Barrens (to the east), you’ll find a big rock formation. Jump on it to find the “sealed” entrance of the shrine. In order to gain entrance, you’ll need to complete the quest “The Perfect Drink”. To do so, you’ll need to gain entrance to Gerudo Town. Once you can enter, follow the quest markers. To get the ice to Furosa without melting, be sure to not carry it all the way, but to throw it, or use the stasis punch combo.
  9. Raqa Zunzo Shrine – Head south of Gerudo Towna to the Sand Seal Rally spot after you defeat the Divine Beast. Win the sand seal really challenge to get the orb to activate the shrine.
  10. Hawa Koth Shrine – In the desert southwest from Gerudo Town, in Gerudo Great Skeleton, near Dragon’s Exile.
  11. Tho Kayu Shrine – In the Toruma Dunes, just under the letter M (when zooming the map at 2x – thanks to E-ZombieHERO for pointing that out in the comments). Beware the Molduga mini-boss.
  12. Kema Zoos Shrine – There’s a part of a skeleton where the mountains curve to the north. It’s west of Karusa Valley, northwest of West Gerudo Ruins. The shrine is in the skeleton. Plan ahead, since the map will become unavailable as you approach.
  13. Suma Sahma Shrine – Between Mount Granajh and Daval Peak. You must roll down a snowball into the puddle, then wait until the sun is in position so the snowball casts a shadow on the circular contraption on the hillside. For full instructions, check out our Secret Shrine Quest Locations guide.
  14. Korsh O’hu Shrine – In the East Gerudo Ruins, which are in the east of Palu Wasteland. Speak to Rotana in the northwestern section of Gerudo Town to start The Seven heroines quest. Go to the circular formation at the bottom of the mountain southwest of Wasteland Tower. There, you’ll find the Seven Heroines statues. To solve the puzzle, you have to put the large metal balls in their proper basin. For a more detailed guide, check out our Zelda BotW Secret Shrine Quest Locations guide.

Gerudo Highlands Shrine Locations

Gerudo Highlands is the mountainous region north of the Gerudo Desert. It encompasses the area east of Mount Agaat, west of Zirco Mesa, south of Hemaar’s Decent and north of the Desert, with Gerudo Summit in the center.

Herudo Highlands All Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild
  1. Kema Kosassa Shrine – On the eastern slope of Mount Agaat, north of Risoka Snowfield.
  2. Keeha Yoog Shrine – On the east side of Gerudo Summit, find the large mural of lighting bolts and a mound in the middle on the mountain wall. Shoot the center with a Shock Arrow.
  3. Kuh Takkar Shrine – On the western slope of Laparoh Mesa. You’ll have to do some climbing in harsh weather, so prepare warm clothes. Bring a torch or flint and firewood, since you’ll have to melt the ice off the shrine.
  4. Sho Dantu Shrine – Climb atop Gerudo Tower and paraglide to the west, then continue north on foot until you reach a shrine mound in a circle of green Luminous Stones. Destroy one of the stones, get the ore (Luminous Stone) and put it on the mound. It’s best to do so at night.
  5. Sasa Kai Shrine – Go to Gerudo Tower and talk to Kass. He’ll give you the Sign of the Shadow riddle. Look southeast, find the altar and glide there. When the shadow is on the altar, shoot at the sun or moon. Take a gander at our Kass Secret Shrine Locations and Riddle Solutions guide for more detailed instructions.
  6. Joloo Nah Shrine – In the north of Mount Naboroo, just east of Koukot Plateau. It is up above the road that takes you to Gerudo desert. There are three Goron Blood brothers there that will give you the Test of Will Shrine Quest. You need to stand on the heated platform first and next stand in the fire for some time. BEst bring a lot of health restoring food and the best heat resistance armor and ice swords you can get your hands on. After you survive the shrine gets revealed.

Hyrule Ridge Shrine locations

Hyrule Ridge area is located west from Central Hyrule. In there, you’ll find areas like Salari Plain and Hill, Satori Mountain, Sanidin Park Ruins, Tabantha Great Bridge, Mount Rhoam, Thundra Plateau and others.

Hyrule Ridge Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. Monya Toma Shrine – From the Hebra Tower, if you look southeastward, you’ll see the shrine’s glow. It is up the hill, close to the road, on Salari Hill.
  2. Zalta Wa Shrine – If you have Ridgeland Tower discovered, jump from it towards the east. Head for the Breach of Demise canyon. At the center of it, next to the road, almost above the letter “f” of the Breach of Demise.
  3. Sheem Dagoze Shrine – In the south of Hyrule Ridge, west from Jeddo Bridge. You have to complete the Two Rings quest first, by shooting one arrow through two stone hoops at once. We used the hoops on the northern side. If you’re still having trouble, please visit our Kass Secret Shrine Locations guide.
  4. Mogg Latan Shrine – This one requires a bit of climbing. It is on top of Satori Mountain, on its southern peak. While you climb up, you’ll notice three larger boulders, rising above the mountain’s peak. Head south of them.
  5. Mijah Rokee Shrine – In the south corner of Washa’s Bluff, you have to stand on the pedestal with no clothes on and wait for the Blood Moon. Take a peek at our Kass Secret Shrine Locations and Riddle Solutions guide for further info.
  6. Shae Loya Shrine – If you follow the road on your way from Hyrule Ridge to Hebra, you’ll need to go over Tabantha Great Bridge. Just before it, there is the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Look south from it, towards the taller hill.
  7. Toh Yahsa Shrine – From Ridgeland Tower, you can spot the area called Thundra Plateau, the one with thunderstorms and mushroom-like trees. In the center of it, you’ll need to place four balls into their corresponding color spots. Once this is done, you’ll reveal the secret shrine location. In short, glide towards the orange ball from the nearby hills, drop it on the nearby plateau with the bonfire. Use the Stasis rune and hit it in order to reach the center of the compound. Use the same method for the red ball, but this time, hit it from the area where it stands.
  8. Maag No’rah Shrine – Find the Bokoblin camp on the northern slope north of Lindor’s Brow, the one with a very tall crow’s nest. Look at the mountain side from the nest and you’ll notice rocks that you can destroy. That’s where the shrine is.

Hebra Shrine locations

Hebra is the area located in far northwest. The large, snowy Hebra Mountains are at its center. You’ll also spot two larger areas like Tabantha Frontier and Tabantha Tundra.

Hebra All Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. Tena Ko sah Shrine – Close to the Tabantha Great Bridge, high up on the Ancient Columns, among the ruins, you’ll find it.
  2. Akh Va’quot Shrine – South from the Heabra Mountains, there is a deeper lake. This is where you’ll find Rito Village and the shrine. If you haven’t this far, be sure to pick up pieces of cold resistance gear from the armor vendor. You’ll need them for the next shrines.
  3. Sha Warvo Shrine – North from the Rito Village, in the area called Dronoc’s Pass, close to the road.
  4. Rin Oyaa Shrine – From Hebra Tower, glide northward. If you follow the road, you’ll have no difficulty finding it.
  5. Sha Gehma Shrine – This one is at the northernmost part of Tabantha Tundra. If you use the shield to glide, you’ll get there in no time.
  6. Qaza Tokki Shrine – To enter this one, you’ll have to find a secret entrance within the stone maze called North Lomei Labyrinth. The Shrine quest you get, once you land in the maze, is called “Trial on the Cliff”. If you don’t care about all the treasures in the maze, you can always land on it from the nearby mountain. From its top, search for the yellow glowing Electric Chuchu. Just a bit above their location is the entrance to the shrine. However, if you decide to do it properly, you’ll need to go around the maze, destroy the corrupted eye, find the gap in the upper wall, and the path to the Electirc Chuchu and the shrine’s entrance. Be careful not to miss at least 4 chests found here.
  7. Hia Miu Shrine – At the absolute most northwestern point of the map, northwest of Icefall Foothills. You can reach it by paragliding in from the mountains on the east.
  8. Maka Rah Shrine – on the western bank of Lake Kilsie, south of the Sturnida Basin, you’ll find a pier. You can just see he shrine through the crack in the wall. Use a bomb to blow up the rocks and ride the wind gust across the water to the next. Follow the trail of rocks and the last gust will fly you up to a torchlit entrance. You can also reach it by gliding from the top of the mountain opposite the entrance.
  9. Voo Lota Shrine – West of Rito Village, north of Passer Hill, in Warbler’s Nest. After defeating Vah Medoh and rounding up the kids, you’ll have to complete Recital at Warbler’s Nest shrine quest. Stand on the mound surrounded by five statues. Use a Kokoro leaf to blow the air into the rock rings, corresponding to the notes. Full guide to Warbler’s Nest riddle is here.
  10. Dunba Taag Shrine – In Tanagar Canyon, south of Tama Pond. Just paraglide down to the place where the canyon curves to the north, just underneath one of the windmills.
  11. Gee Ha’rah Shrine – south of Kopeeki Drifts, northwest of Hebra Tower. On the southeastern side of the gorge, there is a pair of huge stone doors. Head back from there up the hill until you find several large rocks. Throw it down the second path to the right of the sharp rock.
  12. Lamno Kooh Shrine – west od Hebra Tower, southeast of Hebra Falls. There’s a hidden body of water to swim across. Beware, it’s deadly cold.
  13. Rok Uwog Shrine – West of North Tabantha Snowfield, just above the second I in Pikida Stonegrove, on one of the lower levels.
  14. Goma Asaagh Shrine – Paraglide down the southwestern side of Hebra Peak until you see the shrine. Light a fire to melt the ice blocking the entrance.
  15. Shada Naw Shrine – Just North of Selmie’s Spot, northwest from Hebra East Summit.
  16. Bareeda Naag Shrine – South of Rito Village, near the road. You can get the “Ancient Rito Song” shrine quest to complete this and it involves a shadow passing at the right time and lighting a torch over the center of the pedestal. Complete guide can be found here.
  17. Rona Katcha Shrine – East of Mount Drena, at the very end of the canyon. To get there, go from the southwest, through the Forgotten Temple.
  18. Kah Okeo Shrine – East of Rayne Highlands and the Ancient Columns. Move the large, flat rock on it using Stasis, then hitting it.
  19. Mozo Sheno Shrine – During the Bird in the Mountains quest, scope out the eastern side of Biron Snowshelf from the adjacent mountain. You’ll spot the shrine in the opening at you can paraglide into. Our Secret Shrines Quest Locations guide has more details if you need them.
  20. To Quomo Shrine – The entrance is on the southeast slope of the Hebra North Summit (southeast of our marker on the map above). There are large, stone, doors you can’t blow up with your bomb. If you look opposite of the door you will see a slope on top of which are several big snowballs nearby. You have to roll down the snowballs in order to break open the door. You’ll need to create two Cryonis pillars in the water pond in the middle of the slope to roll down properly. Check out the screenshot bellow for exact location and setup.

Great Hyrule Forest Shrine Locations

There are no easy shrines to be found in northern part of Hyrule. This area consists of Great Hyrule Forest and Thyphlo Ruins. The first shrine is at the center of the forest. You’ll need to get here first. From the first shrine, you can find three Korok’s that start three shrine quests – trials. All three of them lead to one of the shrines.

All Shrines Great Hyrule Forest Zelda Breath of the WIld

  1. Keo Ruug Shrine – This is the first one, you can get inside the Korok Forest. It is on the path to the Master Sword. To reach it, you’ll need to overcome the danger of fog. If you get caught in it, it will reset you to the starting location. To go through the fog you need to follow the direction of the torch’s flame, or to take a few steps, and, if it is safe, continue, if not, run back.
  2. Maag Halan Shrine – East from Keo Ruug Shrine, you’ll find a hollow, dead tree with the NPC Damia there. Damia gives the shrine quest called “The Test of Wood”. Fight your way to the entrance in the Mido Swamp.
  3. Daag Chokah Shrine – Follow a path east from Keo Ruug Shrine. It will take you through a dead, hollow tree to Tasho, who stands on a rock. Talk with him to start “The Lost Pilgrimage”. You’ll have to follow another Korok to reach the shrine’s location.
  4. Kuhn Sidajj Shrine – Just like with the previous ones, you have to find Korok, start the quest and complete it to get to the shrine’s location. This Korok is located southwest from the first shrine, towards Lake Saria. “Trial of Second Sight” shrine quest is an easy one. Use the Magnesis rune to find the right path, put a Rusty Shield into the tree’s mouth, take the chest it gives you as a reward towards the other tree’s mouth.
  5. Ketoh Wawai Shrine – The final one is located north from the Great Hyrule Forest, in the area called Thyphlo Ruins (a large green tree). To reveal the shrine’s location, you need to complete the quest called “Shrouded Shrine”. Use the torch to light your way, and you’ll notice the stone braziers are shaped like birds. Go in the direction their beaks point to. You will have to fight a boss at the end and he holds the metal ball you need to reveal the shrine

Eldin Shrine Locations

Eldin is a region in the northeast. It consists of three larger areas, Eldin Canyon and Mountains and Death Mountain. There is a town called Goron City here, as well. You’ll need a Flamebreaker armor set to be able to traverse the Goron dominion..

Eldin Death Mountain Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. Mo’a Keet Shrine – Just east from the Foothill Stable and the road that takes you to Eldin. If you follow the road, once you pass the stable, climb the taller hill.
  2. Sah Dahaj Shrine – Glide east from Eldin Tower. Descend once you cross Lake Intenoch. Just below the tall enemy structure, close to Cephla Lake, on the lower ground.
  3. Tah Muhl Shrine – From the Mo’a Keet Shrine and the Foothill Stable, head southwest. At the southwest of the first, taller mountain formation, closer to the ground level than the top, tucked in between the rock formations. It is a part of the shrine quest “A Landscape of a Stable”.
  4. Mirro Shaz Shrine – Just north from the small Pico Pond, follow the beach from the nearby Woodland Stable.
  5. Qua Raym Shrine – In the southwesternmost lava lake, called Goronbi Lake, there is a small island. Glide toward it if you want to find it.
  6. Kayra Mah – South from Gorko Lake, in the area called Gorko Tunnel, on the greater plateau. Go to a hut in the west part of Goron City (first hut to the left as you enter the city) and talk to Bladon during the day to start the A Brother’s Roast side quest. He’ll tell you to go to Goron Tunnels (southwest of Gorko Lake) to find his brother Gonguron. Just follow the road to the southeast; there’s even road signs pointing you the right way. When you find the brother, you’ll just have to go and look for rock roast in the nearby Gortram Cliff area. Once you bring it to the brothers, they’ll smash down the wall barring the shrine entrance.
  7. Daqa Koh Shrine – Follow the path south from Goron City, toward the Goron Hot Springs and north from Gorko Lake. There is a railroad path you can also use as a reference toward the shrine. Just before the final ascending path toward Death Mountain, you can spot the orange glowing rocks and the shrine.
  8. Shae Mo’sah Shrine – Follow the road north from Goron City.
  9. Shora Hah – This is on top of the Isle of Rabac, deep inside the lava-covered area. You’ll need more than one piece of the Flamebreaker to get here. Use your bombs to propel a mine cart across the rails in the lava.
  10. Gorae Torr Shrine – On top of the large, tall rock in the Gut Check Rock area. You can use the the power of the winds to boost yourself up on the rock, but you’ll need better climbing gear if you want to enter the shrine. In order to enter it, you need to complete the quest “The Gut Check Challenge” that is given by Bayage, who is standing in front of it.

Akkala Shrine Locations

Akkala is the north-easternmost region of Hyrule. It stretches from the sea in the east to Death Mountain in the west, and from the far north of the map to Toto Lake and Ploymus Mountain in the south.

Akkala Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild
  1. Tu Ka’loh Shrine – This shrine is hidden in the maze on Lomei Labyrinth Island, in the northeast of the map, in the Akkala Sea. To solve the puzzle you enter it in the most northwestern point of entrance. Move the large metallic cube with your rune (there is a chest with great ancient core behind it) and follow the path to the right to reach the shrine. You can check out the screenshot bellow for reference..
  2. Zuna Kai Shrine – There’s a very tall stone pillar in the middle of Skull Lake (northwest of Tempest gulch, in the northwest of Akkala). Find a high spot, then glide over and finish the climb.
  3. Tutsuwa Nima Shrine – Located in the Spring of Power. It’s inside a very small body of water south of the North Akkala Valley, northeast of Orodorac Quarry. To enter, you must offer Dinraal’s scale (drop it in the water of the spring).
  4. Katosa Aug Shrine – It’s just to the east of East Akkala Stable, just south of North Akkala Foothill.
  5. Ritaag Zumo Shrine – At the very end of the spiral-shaped Rist Peninsula. To activate the shrine, pick up the orb where the spiral meets mainland (Into The Vortex side quest) and carry it over. Be careful, there’s a lot of enemies with ranged attacks.
  6. Ze Kasho Shrine – Paraglide off of Akkala Citadel Ruins to the northwest and search the hills.
  7. Dah Hesho Shrine – On the cliff south of the circular island in lake Akkala, northwest of Kaepora Pass.
  8. Kah Mael Shrine – In the center of Tingel Island, find a large, flat rock and move it with Stasis to reveal the shrine below.
  9. Ke’nai Shakah Shrine – In the norther part of Ulria Grotto, in the southeast of the region. This was a tough one to solve. There seems to always be raining in this region. Shrine is hidden behind breakable rock barrier on in inaccessible cliff side. You can drop from above it, slam into the breakable rocks, quickly drop your bomb and detonate it and if you have a fairy she will resurrect you and you can enter. If you don’t want to spend fairies you need to go to the cliff opposite of the breakable rocks. There are several large stones (some of them you can move with magnesis). Place them opposite of the breakable rock and use stasis and sledgehammers to launch them into the breakable rocks. Takes good positioning and about four hits with the sledgehammer to have it hit. Paraglide to the shrine cave from the cliff above. You can check the gif of me doing it by clicking here.

Lanayru Shrine Locations

Lanayru Shrines Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild

  1. Dow Na’eh Shrine – This one was placed here as I found it later on in the game. Some of you might even considered it as a part of West Necluda. It is well tucked in, behind a large waterfall. You can glide through the watefall, or simply go over the path beside it.
  2. Tahno O’ah Shrine – To make it easier, this part of the mountain is bare. There is no forest here, except in one spot. This is where you should go. In this area, the eastern part of Madorna Mountain, beside the forest, you can spot the breakable stones. Destroy them to reveal the entrance.
  3. Jitan Sa’mi Shrine – On top of Mount Lanayru, you’ll see the Spring of Wisdom, guarded by Naydra, the dragon spirit. Shoot it in the enormous, red eyes that are on its body to release it, then shoot three more times to get the Naydra Scale. For more detailed instructions refer to our Breath of the Wild Secret Shrines Quest Locations guide.
  4. Mezza Lo Shrine – This one is found in the area called Rabia Plain, up on the hill. It is one of Kass’s secret shrines. You’ll need to complete quest “The Crowned Beast”. In short notes, find and mount a deer and get him to stand on the ancient shrine pressure plate. If this doesn’t help, take a look at our Kass Secret Shrine Quest Riddle Solutions guide.
  5. Rucco Maag Shrine – In the northeast corner of Samasa Plain, south of Ruto Mountain.
  6. Shai Yota Shrine – Although this one is located in Horon Lagoon, first you need to find Kass just south of it, and complete the quest “Master of the Wind”. In case you need help with the quest, visit our Kass Secret Shrine Locations guide.
  7. Ne’ez Yohma Shrine – In the very center of Zora’s Domain, behind the statue of Mipha, under the Throne Room of King Dorephan.
  8. Dagah Keek Shrine – From the city Zora’s Domain, find a bridge that takes you northwest. Follow the mountain range to the south until you reach a large waterfall called Veiled Falls. There, on the ground is the secret shrine pressure plate. To solve it, swim up the waterfall (you will need Zora Chest armor), paraglide, then press attack to do a diving attack onto the plate. This should reveal the shrine.
  9. Soh Kofi Shrine – Fly north of Lanayru Tower, across the water, near the place that you meet Prince Sidon at for the first time.
  10. Sheh Rata Shrine – There’s a small island just between Crenel Peak and Zelo Pond, in the northwest of the region. The island is overgrown with wild bushes, so you’ll need to burn them away to enter the shrine.

Central Hyrule Shrine Locations

Central Hyrule is a large area in the center of the map. It stretches from Castle Hyrule on the north to Lake Kolomo in the south. It’s surrounded by Hylia River in the east and Regencia River in the west. It’s a huge area, but there aren’t a lot of shrines.

Central Hyrule Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild
  1. Kaam Ya’tak Shrine – From the top of Central Tower, paraglide to the southwest and look around the eastern side of Mount Daphnes.
  2. Katah Chuki – Northeast of Mount Gustaf, in the southeastern part of Quarry Ruins
  3. Noya Neha Shrine – On the island north of Quarry Ruins, on the southern slope of a hill in the southwest corner of the island. Find the side overgrown with thorns, burn them away and use a bomb on the breakable rocks and reveal the shrine.
  4. Saas Ko’sah Shrine – In the northern part of Castle Hyrule. You’ll have to go inside and find a large stone brazier and ignite it. To get inside the castle, watch it from the mountain on the northwest. You’ll notice a part of the moat where the water flows into the castle. That’s your point of entry.
  5. Namika Ozz – In the northeast of Central Hyrule, in the center of Crenel Hills. Look inside the huge rocky formation that looks almost like a volcano opening.
  6. Kaya Wan Shrine – Just head a little to the west of Wetland Stables, which are near a wooded area south of Crenel Peak, near the eastern bank of the Hylia River.

Shrines in Zelda BoTW

The shrines we’ve seen so far have all been underground. Their entrances were easy to notice – imagine a cave mouth adorned with glowing, orange runes. You’ll be able to spot them from quite far away, so use any chance you get at higher ground to scout out your surroundings. You can plant map markers on places you deem interesting, in case you don’t want to visit them right away.

Once you reach the shrine, you’ll use your Sheikah slate to gain entrance. The runes will turn blue, and an elevator will appear. Inside, jumping puzzles and challenges await. Many of them include finding inventive ways to use your rune powers. Getting to the end of the shrine is usually not that hard, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a spirit orb. However, there are other treasures inside, and they’ll often require a bit of lateral thinking.

They may include enemies, but the focus is usually not on fighting, but on figuring out a solution to the puzzles inside. They’re all tied by a theme in each shrine, so there isn’t much guessing involved. In case you do get stuck, we’re going to list the shrines and the solutions to their challenges on this page.

Once the game launches, on March 3rd, we’re going to start updating this guide with more info. If you discover a shrine that isn’t here, feel free to share your findings in the comments.

55 thoughts on “Shrines – Where to Find & How to Complete

  1. Zeek Xekri

    South west of the Wasteland Tower is a Shrine surrounded by 7 Statues ( you have to find all the balls and put them on the right statues plate, look for the correct symbols on the Balls and statues, one ball in on one of the statues and the rest are scattered around, use Magnesis to find them.)
    Its called the “Korsh O’hu Shrine”.

  2. Fryer

    Also missing Toto Sah shrine in West Necluda. It is near the southern most waterfall at river level behind a bombable wall.

  3. TheKeRL

    The entrance to the To Quomo shrine ( shrine 20 in hebra) is directly south from where you put the number 20 at the mini pond. Little puzzel at the entrance.

  4. asdffg

    Nr20 of hebra is behind a gate just in the middle of north summint, tundra and north crest. I don’t know how to open the gate tho

  5. Jonathan

    20 is called To quomo shrine, go north of hebra north summit downhill till you see two doors roll a snowball into them

  6. aldskhflj

    Hebra Nr9 is part of a quest. Talk to one of the rito women and she will tell you to check on her kid, follow the quest and the 5 kids will sing a song for you in warblers nest. Then blow wind with a korok leaf into the stones in the order of the song (numbers on top of the stones) and the shrine will appear.

  7. aldskhflj

    Hedra nr16: need to wait until 13:00 so that the shadow heart of the rito rock shines on it and make a fire on the platform

  8. iggy

    #20. look south east from the summit and you’ll see tiny water with trees around it. locate the stone doors, go up the slope, create a bridge with 2 ice blocks from your cryonis, then grab a snowball from higher on the slope and you should know what to do

    1. BotW

      Can anyone tell me how I find the shrine near gorko lake/tunnel in eldin south of Death mountain? It’s the only one missing and I just can’t find it. It drives me mad…

      1. yomiura

        Go to Goron village, there is one Goron mentioned about his brother, this will triggers the shrine quest. Go back to the tunnel and it will automatically triggers the sequence.

    2. The Arnett

      Would you be able to share where the 2 that are not on this list are located then? Driving me nuts being this close.

          1. Gosu No0b

            You are missing the first 4 shrines on the Great Plateau – there is a total of 120 on this page.

  9. yomiura

    There are suppose to be 120 shrines in this game but I can count only 118 shrines from your list. Do I misunderstood anything?

  10. MartianYan

    Yesterday in the desert, on the way to yida clan, outside the clan i found a mural but not sure how to make to shrine pop out. It had a stone carving riddle in the front saying to offer a shiny blue stone. Couldn’t figure out what it meant by shiny blue stone. Anyone know the name of this shrine and how to solve it?

    1. yomiura

      I think that’s Sho Dantu Shrine. Just break any ore deposit nearby for a Luminous stone and place it at the pedestal, that should work.

    2. SpringROLZ

      Its a “luminous stone” that you have to place on the allter. They actually give you a hint as to what stone you have to provide because they have breakable ore materials surrounding the glowing pad. I believe they specify shiny only because it glows at night.

  11. darkmafia99

    Umm I’m at 119/120, without having to post them would someone maybe be able to tell me which two are missing on this list 🙁 Thank you 🙂

        1. Gosu No0b

          4 in the starting area
          + 12 west necluda
          + 7 east necluda
          + 9 faron
          + 14 gerudo desert
          + 6 gerudo highlands
          + 8 Hyrule Ridge
          + 20 hebra
          + 5 great hyrule forest
          +10 eldin
          +9 akkala
          +10 lanayru
          +6 central hyrule
          (takes out calculator)
          = 120

  12. Spinto

    There is a shrine you’re missing from the quest “Test of Will” which is west of the digdogg bridge and north of mount nabooru. Zoom in on the area and you’ll see a small circle being touched by ~10 smaller circles. That’s the logcation.

  13. uninformed

    #20 To Quomo Shrine North Hebra Summit

    If you’re having trouble finding after checking this guide, please keep reading:
    This guide is very helpful, however on some of the more important/easily missable shrines it’s very vague and time wasting. To the makers of this guide, if you don’t have complete/concise information on the location of a shrine, say so. For example: Saying that the shoe store is west of K-mart, versus saying; to get to the shrine first go north of J Street, to the right of the fire hydrant find the path leading to downward to the underground, traverse the labyrinth to find the store which ends up being west of K-mart on your map.

    To relate this to the game, YES To Quomo is “north of Hebra summit” on the goddamn mini map, however you must first go south east of North Hebra Summit (just as it says on the map, and it’s literally just slighlty SE of it on the map), it’s below a cliff SE of North Hebra Summit. You’ll find two large stone doors at the bottom of a small valley in the cliff face. THIS IS THE ENTRANCE! To the writers of this guide, if you’re going to type something as vague as “North of hebra summit”, when in actuality that’s maybe 1/12 of the information needed, don’t type anything at all. Sometimes “too little” information can lead to a waste of time, ie. spending an hour+ traversing the northern cliff face looking for the shrine/entrance. If you’re going to make a guide – then make a guide, don’t post in haste of trying to get content out there before everyone which is incomplete.

  14. Alexia

    The ‘Flown The Coop’ quest won’t activate, the guard just talks about the Yiga clan. I’m way past when you get the tunic, and i’m just getting everything (Except for Korok seeds.. Screw that.) before I head to Hyrule Castle. What am I doing wrong?

  15. Alexia

    Well I take it i’m not getting any help with my problem- But you also forgot to list that for the 6th Gerudo Highlands shrine you need to complete ‘The Test of Ultimate Endurance’. I wasted about 2 hours last night because I thought it was just sitting out in the open.

  16. E-ZombieHERO

    Followed your guide to a “T” and made it to 116 shrines complete before I realized I am missing 4 shrines.

    Two of which I had confirmed are accessible, post Divine Beast battles, but that left me to question if the other two where the same.

    So I took a look at your complete map and realized it was #7 and #20 of Hebra region, xD man are those way out there.

    Also am I the only one to find it odd that only two are post Divine Beast Battles?

    Last note I’d like to mention #11 Tho Kayu Shrine of Gerudo Desert only appears visible under the “M” of Toruma Dunes if the player is viewing the map at 2x zoom.

    I figured lots of people are probably confused and angry about the way you described that, other wise the guide was detailed enough for me to comprehend (despite others crying about details)

    Thank you for the help and good job!

    1. Gosu No0b

      Thank you for your kind words. We were in a big rush to create this guide and it went through dozens of revisions as we were adding more detailed and better descriptions. I think it is in a good state right now, but we’ll go through a couple more to make it perfect)

  17. Riku

    I’ve double checked my map a ton, and the only shrine I haven’t done is the one where you need to get the orb off of Impa- But I’ll still only end up with 119. I’ve gone through and checked every section and made sure I have all the shrines and as far as i can see I do, without having to count. Is there a hidden spirit orb or something?

    1. Alex

      I’m having the same issue I’ve gone back and counted them on my map with this guide and I ended up at 119. I know when you add all these numbers in the guide is 120 but I checked for myself a couple times so idk why I’m missing 1

      1. Gosu No0b

        Did you check the three shrines that are right next to each other in West Necluda? When counting I usually miss one of those three, cause they are so close together.

  18. Skoll

    For Shine 9 on Akkala Shrine Locations you can Just Jump of The Side and use Your Paraglider Once your A good Distance Pull out your Bow and Use bomb Arrows to take down the Rocks.

  19. keith ridley

    I think i figured out a simple solution for getting into the ke’nai shakah shrine. first locate the cracked area jump down from above and float under ridge, use bullet time bomb arrows then go back up using wind current and float inside.

  20. 9k.semi

    I just solved my 119 shrines problem. I also thought this guide missed one.. after checking all the shrines like 10 times compared to this list I concluded I had to have 120 shrines found already. After wanting to checking them out 1 by 1, I read that on the map the middle will show orange in case the orb wasn’t obtained. It’ll be complete orange when you haven’t yet entered. So make sure you have all, you have to hover on all of the shrine icons to check they are all blue.

    Hope this will help some of you..


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