How to Enter Korok Forest Tears of the Kingdom

Are you not sure how to reach the Korok Forest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Don’t worry, many are not aware of the solution for this issue. In this guide, we explain where to find the entrance to the Great Hyrule Forest and the Korok Forest in Zelda TOTK.

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How to Enter Korok Forest Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
How to Enter Korok Forest Zelda TOTK

How to Reach Korok Forest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Great Hyrule Forest is practically an isle. Or, more precisely – a peninsula. The forest is nearly surrounded by water via a moat-like trench. The only way to enter is via the narrow passage near the Lost Woods. Yet, reaching the Korok Forest this way is unattainable in the early game. Thus, how do you enter the Great Hyrule Forest and the Korok Forest? The answer is through the Depths!

As you are heading north from the Woodlands Stables towards the isthmus connecting the Great Hyrule Forest with the rest of Hyrule, you’ll pass across Minshi Woods. On the map, you’ll see the Minshi Woods Chasm. That’s where you will need to enter. Jump inside, and follow the same path north towards the Lost Woods, which mimics the one on the surface.

As you approach the forest’s edge, you’ll see a huge tree with spooky face-like features. Enter into what looks like his mouth, and use the Ascend ability there to reach its treetop. From there, continue towards the forest’s centre by jumping from one treetop to another. You are doing this in order to avoid being affected by the Gloom debuff spreading under you.

If you just follow the path towards the centre of the forest in the Depths, you will eventually reach the Rikonasum Lightroot. Right near it, there is a strange massive stone structure with open central area. Stand in its centre, and use the Ascend ability there. It will teleport you right into the centre the Korok Forest!

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