Zelda TOTK Farming & Growing Crops Guide

Farming has always been one of the most rewarding activities in video games that feature this system. Having the option to grow and harvest your own plants gives you another great way to (literally) farm them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. And while you won’t have access to farming your garden right from the start of the game, you can unlock this option soon if you know what to do. In our Zelda TOTK Farming & Growing Crops Guide, we are here to cover everything you need to know about growing plants in the game, including how to get the farm in the first place.

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Zelda TOTK Farming & Growing Crops Guide
Zelda TOTK Farming & Growing Crops Guide

How to Unlock Farm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock the farm, you are going to need to complete several quests and to have unlocked the Camera Ability first. If you have done this, make your way to Hateno Village. Specifically, the Hateno School there. Change the time of day to noon and enter and speak with Symin.

Doing this will start the “Teach Me a Lesson 1” quest. To complete it, you need to go to Kakariko Village. Once you get there, go to Paya’s Hall in the village and up the stairs to the second floor. You’ll see a screen there at 1776, -0981, 0129 that you need to take a picture of. Do this and return to Symin (change the time of day to noon again if you have to). “Teach Me a Lesson 1” will end, and “Teach Me a Lesson 2” is going to start.

To complete this quest, you will have to make Monster Curry. To do this, you require the following ingredients: Hylian Rice, Monster Extract, and Goron Spice. You received x10 Hylian Rice as your reward for completing the previous quest, so that leaves Monster Extract and Goron Spice. Let’s start with Goron Spice first. Go to 1685, 2467, 0385 and buy it there for 16 Rupees. As for Monster Extract, go to 4001, 1633, 0128, and purchase it for 50 Rupees. Make the Monster Curry and bring it back to Symin and his class. Congrats, you have now unlocked farming.

How to Grow Crops in Zelda TOTK

Now that you have access to the farm, go and speak with Uma. She can be found directly behind the school, at 3333, -2032, 0117. She will explain the basics of farming to you. Uma can plant Pumpkins, Carrots, Tomatoes, Wildberries, Wheat, Rice, or Melons there. After you choose the crop that you want to grow there, you are going to have to wait for two in-game days. Note that you cannot advance the time, but you will need to wait this out in real-time. As this is 48 minutes in real life, it won’t take too much time for the crops to grow. Also, these crops won’t grow while you are at this location, so leave and do some questing and exploring and periodically come back to harvest your crops.

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