How to Take Pictures Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Camera Ability

Several quests and activites in Zelda TotK require that you take pictures of objects or characters. Of course, before you can do this, you will first need to actually unlock the Camera Ability itself. You won’t have access to this ability right from the start of the game, any you will have to complete several quests before you can get it. Here’s when and how to take pictures in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom and unlock the Camera Ability.

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How to Take Pictures Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Camera Ability
How to Take Pictures Zelda Tears of The Kingdom Camera Ability

How to Take Photos in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Camera Ability

At a certain point in the Main Quest, you will meet Robbie at the Lookout Landing. He is a very important character that is going to help you unlock several abilities and gadgets. One of these is the Camera. Robbie is soon going to present you with a quest called “Camera Work in the Depths”. You will have to enter the underground depths and search for Robbie. Once you have found him there, he is going to to give you the Camera and explain how to use it. For this, you’re going to have to take a picture of a nearby statue.

So go into your Abilities wheel and select the Camera. This will take you into the camera’s picture-taking mode. Unlike similar games where you often can’t be sure if you have aligned a shot correctly with your camera or not, Zelda TotK has a very useful QoL feature here. Namely, you will get a notification that let’s you know that you have done this the right way by writing out on the screen what you are taking a picture of. Then, snap the picture and you will be given the option of whether to save it to your album or to delete it. And that’s how you take pictures in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom.

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