Zelda TOTK Voltfin Trout Location

The Zelda TOTK Voltfin Trout location is strangely difficult to find. In our experience, they only live in one single spot in Hyrule. It’s weird, because it’s only a kinda useful cooking ingredient. I suppose it is more important if you’re a completionist and want to catch every single fish in the game. Whatever the case may be, here’s where you can find the location of Voltfin Trout in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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zelda totk voltfin trout location
Zelda TOTK Voltfin Trout Location

Voltfin Trout Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The one single Voltfin Trout location we’ve found in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK is in the lake at the south of Hebra Mountain. It is called Hebra Plunge. In the north of this lake, there’s a small island, whose coordinates are -3063, 2283, 0113. We fished for a while at the south part of the island (I say island, but it’s just a big rock sticking out of the water) and got a Voltfin Trout. We’ve tried fishing for them in all other bodies of water in the Tabantha region, and found precisely none. If you’ve found them elsewhere, let us know in the comments. Maybe a future update will make them more abundant, who knows. For know, though, this is the one place.

So, yeah, that’s the one location where you can find Voltfin Trout in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom. Now, why is this ultra-rare fish even that important? Well, as you can see in the description up top, its “scales have an insulating component that, when cooked into a dish, offers resistance to electricity.” So, yeah, if you’re having particular trouble with an enemy that has electrical attacks, maybe do a bit of fishing. Just bring some warm clothes, because it’s cold everywhere in Tabantha. And that about does it for this guide. If you need help with something else, check out our guides, like Barbarian Armor Upgrade Cost, Silver Lynel Locations and The Missing Owner.

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