The Long Dragon TOTK Investigate Thyphlo Ruins

In order to fully investigate Thyphlo Ruins, you are going to have to complete a series of side adventures that you get from reading the monoliths there. One of these little quests is “The Long Dragon”. The only clue as to what you have to do to complete it comes in a cryptic message etched on this monolith that reads: “Display the power of the Sage of Lightning at the end of the long dragon that protects the mountain of death.” But where is this long dragon, and what do you need to do once you reach its end? Don’t worry, we have all the answers right here in our guide.

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The Long Dragon TOTK Investigate Thyphlo Ruins
The Long Dragon TOTK Investigate Thyphlo Ruins

Tears of the Kingdom The Long Dragon, Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins

Just like the previous three side adventures – Owl Protected by Dragons, Corridor Between Two Dragons, and Six Dragons, The Long Dragon side adventure starts once you have talked to Kazul and read the nearby monolith. After that, go to these coordinates: 0449, 3028, 0177. Once you arrive there, you will see the statue of dragon with the elongated body that the monolith was referring to.

Jump on the dragon and follow its tail until you reach a platform in front of several columns. The coordinates for this spot are: 0457, 3082, 0175. What you need to do next is to use the Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning ability. Activate Riju’s ability, and make sure that it covers the platform. After that, take out your bow, and shoot at the platform while it is under the effect of Riju’s ability. If you have done this correctly, a cutscene is going to play, and the platform is going to rise up from the ground – revealing that there is a chest inside of it. Go to the chest and open it to get x3 Topaz. Doing this will complete The Long Dragon Zelda Tears of the Kingdom side adventure.

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