Light Dragon Path Tears of the Kingdom

The Light Dragon is a majestic white dragon that soars through the sky in Zelda TotK. It is very important, as this dragon represents the only way you can get the powerful Master Sword weapon. But to get it, you will first need to somehow find a way to reach the Light Dragon in the sky. Since the dragon is flying high up in the air, this isn’t a very easy thing to do, as you will need to know the Light Dragon flight path in Zelda TotK. If you are wondering how to get on the Light Dragon in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to cover the best and most efficient methods you can use to reach the Light Dragon, as well as the Light Dragon path in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Light Dragon Path Tears of the Kingdom
Light Dragon Path Tears of the Kingdom

Light Dragon Path in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The first thing you need to be aware of here is that, unlike in BoTW, the positions of the Dragons are no longer affected by resting. Instead of this, they now have a move cycle that isn’t changed by the time of tday. This also applies to the Light Dragon in Zelda TotK. This means that you may end up spending a lot of time chasing it across the sky until you get lucky enough to get it where you want it.

Try and get to one of the highest Sky Islands. From there, you should be able to jump down and glide to the Light Dragon when it gets close. If you have the Autobuild ability and enough Zonaite Ore, you can likewise build a flying device that will let you approach it. As for us, we went to the Room of Awakening on Great Sky Island at noon and we built a flying device. After that, we waited for the white dragon to get close, we launched the flying machine into the air and jumped off it, and then glided towards the dragon until we were on top of it. That’s how we managed to get the Master Sword from it.

Light Dragon Flight Path Location in Zelda TOTK

As for when does the Light Dragon appear in Zelda TotK and how to then find it – or if you are having trouble with the Light Dragon seemingly not appearing in TotK – there is actually a very reliable method to always know this. First, you need to find and cure the Great Deku Tree. This also requires beating Phantom Ganon, a very powerful boss.

After that, the Great Deku Tree is going to task you with the “Recovering the Hero’s Sword” quest. The good thing about this quest is that it is going to mark the precise location of the Light Dragon on your map. So, as long as you have not yet completed this quest, you are always going to know precisely where the Light Dragon is and the Dragon of Light flight path it is taking. This is by far the easiest way to know where it is headed. But if you don’t want to bother with this quest, we also have the LD’s flight pattern marked in our gallery. It is flying clockwise.

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  1. Z
    Zero help

    “try to get to the highest sky island” with no help at all to get to that so the reader of this guide is absolutely lost with such a large map. Please provide guide details that assist with getting to which island and how to get there. This way is like saying to get the master sword you must first find a a needle in a heystack, good luck! Lol

    1. I
      idiot commentor

      dude it literally says, two sentences later, “as for us, we went to the room of awakening on the great sky island”

  2. S
    Stewart Moyer

    So I just lucked the f**k out I see. This morning I just launched from a sky tower to get to a shrine and was just conveniently right on top of the light dragon.

    1. W

      Similar thing happened to me, was at the hyrule field skyview tower when I happened to look up and see the light dragon just flying by, happened to be really low at like 700 in the sky and caught a ride from the sahasra skyview tower. Currently standing on their forehead as I wait for recharge.

      1. I

        I just took a picture and used sensor +
        Makes it a whole lot easier

        1. K

          I’ve been hunting for her after the stupid quest, but haven’t found her in two weeks. Sensor can’t pick her up, can’t see her on the map, nothing. Every time I type in “finding light dragon AFTER quest” it just gives me this ****

        2. K

          Seconds after my first comment I finally found her. She’s near Eldon Volcano at 4 pm

  3. O

    just so you know, you can stay on the dragon and wait for it to “recharge”. Like if you shoot a scale and stay on the dragon, when it the whole thing starts to glow, you can shoot it again to have a material of your choice, you don’t have to get off of it to be able to shoot it again

    1. C

      I also noticed that she flies close to skyview towers so you can just launch up from one as she gets close.

  4. Y

    I spent 4 hours looking for it and didn’t find it a single time

  5. S

    One predictable appearance is when you view the 12tb tear of the dragon memory. It may have been luck, but when I viewed the extra tear memory, she was in the sky directly above the spiral peninsula (which makes sense as the cut scene shows her dropping the final year in response to you triggering the 11th memory). I think I used the sky tower near Tarrey town IIRC, and there she was. Fortunately I had the two wheels of stamina.

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