Porridge Recipe for Gloom Sickness, TOTK Gloom Borne Illness

To make the Zelda TOTK porridge recipe for gloom sickness in the Gloom Borne Illness side quest, you will need the right ingredients. Some are easy to acquire, but one of them absolutely isn’t. Kind of a bummer, since the Sundelion is the actual ingredient that fights off the gloom sickness. In this guide, we are going to explain where you can find all the ingredients necessary for the anti-gloom porridge.

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porridge recipe for gloom sickness totk gloom borne illness
Porridge Recipe for Gloom Sickness, Gloom Borne Illness TOTK

Porridge Recipe Ingredients Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Borne Illness

There are three ingredients in the recipe for the porridge for curing the gloom sickness, or the gloom-borne illness, in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. These are Hylian rice, fresh milk and wild greens. As Lasli has told you, the first two can be found at the merchant on the road west of Kakariko Village. She does mention that she’s good on these ingredients, but just in case, go and get some fresh milk and Hylian rice. In the screenshots below, we’ll show you where we found the merchant Nembis and his cart. Since he travels the road, he might be in a different location for you. However, he’ll definitely be somewhere on the road.

zelda tears of the kingdom gloom borne illness porridge recipe ingredients
Merchant location on the road west

Where to Find Sundelion for Gloom Sickness Tears of the Kingdom

The Sundelion is the last ingredient in the gloom sickness porridge recipe, and is the actual cure for the gloom borne illness in Zelda TOTK. If you’ve found them before and looked at their description, you saw that they’re the ingredient that fights off gloom sickness. Now, you can find Sundelion in the Plum Garden in Kakariko Village. Problem is that it’s guarded by angry chickens. If you mess with them, they will summon a whole flock that can kill you. And if you try to sneak inside, the game will boot you right out.

Fortunately, there are other areas where Sundelion grow – the floating Sky archipelagos. You can find two examples in the screenshots below, but I believe you can even go back to Great Sky Island and find some Sundelion. We aren’t sure how many Lasli needs, so get a couple. After that, go back to Lasli to continue the quest and finally lower the prices in the Enchanted armor shop. Speaking of Gloom, check out where to find the Gloom Resistance Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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