Zelda TOTK Where is Lasli, Lower Prices in Armor Shop

In our Zelda TOTK Where is Lasli, Lower Prices in Armor Shop guide, we are going to start you on the journey of bringing the prices down in the Enchanted shop in Kakariko Village. The store sells some very useful gear, but the prices are outrageous. So, what is it you need to do to make the shopkeep return to the original prices from Breath of the Wild? Let’s find out!

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zelda totk where is lasli lower prices in armor shop
Zelda TOTK Where is Lasli, Lower Prices in Armor Shop

Zelda TOTK Where is Lasli, How to Lower Prices in Armor Shop

To lower the prices in the Enchanted armor shop in Kakariko Village in Zelda TOTK, you have to figure out where Lasli is. The first time you talk to the store owner, Claree, she’ll tell you that the high prices are due to her sick grandmother. She can’t bring the prices back to normal in the armor shop until they can find a cure for her strange illness, the gloom sickness. That’s a rough situation at home, but she’s selling two very desirable armor sets: the Stealth Set and the Radiant Set. These are next to impossible to afford with how high the price hike is. So, exit the shop and head to the right and up the hill.

The next step to lower the prices in the armor shop is to find out where Lasli is. As you go up the hill, look for the fire pit on your right. Turn right there, into the yard. Keep going straight and cross the little wooden bridge. Lasli will be sitting by the fire on your left (at least, that’s where she is when it’s dark out). Talk to her, and she will tell you about a porridge that she can make to cure her ailing grandmother. She’s missing one ingredient, though. This begins the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest. That is a matter for a different guide, though, so click the link for further instructions.

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