How to Beat Molduga Tears of the Kingdom

If you are not sure how to beat Molduga in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you’ve come to the right place! The Molduga mini-boss of the Gerudo Desert can usually be found in a couple of locations around the desert. They are rather tough opponents to beat. In this guide, we provide tips, tricks, and strategies on how to defeat Molduga in Zelda TOTK.

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How to Beat Molduga Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom How to Beat Molduga Guide

Moldugas are giant sand monsters in the Gerudo Desert which might be familiar to you if you’ve played BotW. These behemoths’ main attack is to leap out of the sand and jump on you. Given their unpredictability and damage output, they are a rather tough battle. So, what’s the best strategy to beat them? The first thing you need to know is that Molduga is attracted by sounds in TOTK. Hence, we need to use this to our advantage in order to beat Molduga in TOTK.

Hence, the best tool to use here is Time Bombs, in our opinion. Make sure to lure him with the Time Bombs while he is diving under the sand. Drop the bomb properly, and if you time them correctly, he will surface and eat the bomb. The bomb will then explode inside the Molduga. In most cases, this will stun the monster, allowing you to freely deal damage to it with your weapon. When finish dealing damage, watch out for his rotating tail attack. Back out enough so that Molduga doesn’t damage you with his spinning tail attack. After that, just repeat the Time Bomb strategy.

Another important strategy to beat Molduga is to always look for a place above the send to stand on. It’s much safer to wait for the right position from above, as it is harder for Molduga to reach you there. There is a safe area pillar in the middle of the location where you fight Molduga. Use this place to drop bombs on him, fuse items onto your arrows, and think about your next move.

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    Rhis is for botw and NOT for totk

    There no time bombs in totk

    1. There are Zonai Time Bombs, you get them from Zonai Device Dispensers.

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    TotK Dude

    Thanks for posting this – without the remote bombs from BotW I wasn’t sure of the best strategy. I completely forgot that Zonai time bombs were even a thing, since they aren’t practical in most situations, lol

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