Zelda TOTK Lynel Guts Farming, Drop Rate Bugged

In our Zelda TOTK Lynel Guts Farming, Drop Rate Bugged guide, we are going to give you a few tips on how to get this particular item in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of the most difficult materials to get, to the point that you might wonder whether it’s even worth the effort. Well, I’ll let you decide that on your own after you’re done reading. Let’s begin!

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zelda totk lynel guts farming drop rate bugged
Zelda TOTK Lynel Guts Farming, Drop Rate Bugged

Zelda TOTK Lynel Guts Farming

The first thing you need to know about the farming of Lynel Guts in Zelda TOTK (or Tears of the Kingdom) is that the drop rate is not bugged. They truly are that frustratingly rare. The only times we’ve ever gotten the guts to drop was from White Lynels, aka the most difficult and rare breed. Check out our Tears of the Kingdom Lynel Locations Map guide to see where they can be found. And by the way, in our experience, the guts are not a guaranteed reward from any Lynel. Not even the White-Maned ones. That said, they are your best shot, with Blue-Maned Lynels in close second. And let’s not forget, once you’ve cleared them all out, you have to wait for the next Blood Moon to start over.

So, yeah, farming Lynel Guts in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK is rough. The best way to farm them is arguably the Floating Coliseum in the Underground (-1139,-1262, -0499). Speaking of the Blood Moon, though, it can actually make things more difficult. As far as we can tell, Blood Moons actually change what any given Lynel can drop. Yes, theoretically, that means it can also make farming for guts easier, but it can also make it worse. Moreover, it seems like manual saving can also affect drop rates, so good luck to you. The best advice I can give you is to look up how to do the item duplication glitch. Then, when you do manage to get some Lynel Guts, duplicate it as many times as you need. Yes, I think cheating is fine in this case.

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