ToTK Wild Greens Location

The ToTK Wild Greens Location is the place where you can find an ingredient necessary to complete one of the side quests in Kakariko Village, the one with the sick grandma that needs a special porridge recipe prepared. Problem is, the game doesn’t tell you what these are. It seems that it could be any wild plant, right? Like a carrot or something. Except it isn’t; the quest requires you to bring a very specific plant, as we’re about to explain.

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totk wild greens location
ToTK Wild Greens Location

Where to Find Wild Greens in Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK

The wild greens you need to find the location of for the porridge in the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are actually Sundelions. These plants are a general cure for gloom, and can be used in a number of different recipes. For example, Sunny Steamed Mushrooms require three Skyshrooms and two Sundelions, Sunny Steamed Meat requires three Raw Prime Meat and 2 Sundelions, Sunny Fried Wild Greens is just three Sundelions, and so on. In fact, you might have run into a bunch of them on the Sky islands and archipelagos you’ve visited. That’s is where these flowers mostly grow, so be sure to stock up whenever you’re up there. Here are two locations just as an example; there are many more. The porridge also requires milk and Hylian rice, so check out this guide to see how to get those.

So, yeah, that’s where you can find the location of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (or TOTK) wild greens for the special porridge recipe. No other ingredient will help the sick grandma fight the gloom sickness. The trick here is that the side quest (and the game in general) requires you to read the item descriptions. The Sundelion’s reads: “A wild plant that grows in the sun at high altitudes. Soaked in sunlight, its petals can restore health depleted by gloom when used in cooking.” So, that’s your clue right there. And it’s also important to know because cooking meals with the flower for yourself will help you survive fights with gloom enemies, like Phantom Ganon. And yes, there is a single Sundelion in Kakariko Village Plum Garden, but good luck getting past the angry chickens.

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