Zelda TOTK The Missing Owner

The Zelda TOTK The Missing Owner is a side quest that you can complete in Tears of the Kingdom, but it is pretty tricky. Why? Because the owner of the Gerudo Town jewelry store, Isha, is stuck deep in the desert and is being menaced by a giant monster. It’s your job to find and rescue her, which is no easy feat. This guide will help you finish this adventure.

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zelda totk the missing owner
Zelda TOTK The Missing Owner

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom The Missing Owner Side Quest

To complete the Missing Owner side quest in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom, you have to go deep into the Gerudo Desert. Be sure to go out there prepared, since you’ll also have to fight a big monster, a Molduga. So, head west from Gerudo Town towards Toruma Dunes. Your ultimate goal is a lone rock formation at these coordinates: -4769, -2830, 0029. As you approach, you’ll see a Gerudo woman on top of the rock and a Molduga circling around in the sand. Reminder, like the sand worms of Arrakis, these monsters are attracted to sound. So, sneak your way to the rock and climb atop it. That was the easy part, believe it or not.

So the next step to complete the Missing Owner side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK is to kill the Molduga. We have a whole separate guide on how to do that, but here’s an alternate strategy. First, fire a regular arrow into the sand near the monster. It will jump into the air at that spot, so use a bomb arrow or something similar to stun it. Drop down and hit it between the eyes with the most powerful weapon you’ve got. Rinse and repeat. When the Molduga is dead, talk to the Gerudo woman, Isha. After the conversation, go back to Gerudo Town and find her at these coordinates: -3826, -2885, 0043. Talk to her again to finish the quest.

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