TOTK Smotherwing Butterfly Locations

The Smotherwing Butterfly is one of the most striking creatures in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. A black butterfly with bright red and yellow flames on its wings, it is both beautiful and very useful. This, combined with the fact that it is very, very rare, makes it a very sought after critter in the game. If you were wondering where the Smotherwing Butterfly locations are in Zelda TotK, this guide is here to help you find and capture this creature.

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TOTK Smotherwing Butterfly Locations
TOTK Smotherwing Butterfly Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Smotherwing Butterfly Locations

The Smotherwing Butterfly lives around volcanic regions. Specifically, it can be found around Death Mountain. This area has the highest concentration of them in the entire game, though they can also sometimes be found in Eldin Canyon as well. We have marked the locations where Smotherwing Butterflies reside in the screenshot featured below. And if you don’t want to go hunting for them, you can purchase them from Beedle, who sells Smotherwing Butterflies at the East Akkala and Wetland Stables. A good tactic – not just for the Smotherwing Butterfly, but in general, is to buy a creature that you want to farm from a trader that sells it, then release it, and take a picture of it. This way, you can then use your sensor to detect when it is nearby.

How to Use Smotherwing Butterfly in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Smotherwing Butterfly has two primary uses in Zelda TotK. The first of these is to use it to make a Fireproof Elixir. And the second use is to upgrade the Lava Resistance Armor Flamebreaker. To upgrade this armor to Level 3, you are going to need (among other ingredients) x3 Smotherwing Butterfly. And to get it to Level 4, you will need to collect an additional x5 Smotherwing Butterfly.

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