Sound of a Drum Zelda TOTK Cotera Great Fairy

In our Sound of a Drum Zelda TOTK Cotera Great Fairy guide, we will explain how to unlock access to the fairy near the West Necluda stables. She wants to hear some drums, so drums is what you need to get. This is easier said than done, since you’ll have to go through a series of side quests and detours. Let’s break it down in detail, shall we?

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sound of a drum zelda totk cotera great fairy
Sound of a Drum Zelda TOTK Cotera Great Fairy

Sound of a Drum Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Cotera Great Fairy

The Great Fairy called Cotera in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom resides near the stables in West Necluda, and wants to hear the sound of a drum before she will exit her flower. Even if you do run into the drummer, he won’t budge for reasons we’ll get into in a bit. If you go into the stables and talk to the NPC reading the papers, Sheeko, she’ll tell you about another Fairy near Woodland Stables.

Now, we have a whole separate guide on the Woodland Stable Great Fairy, Tera, but here’s the quick rundown. You go to the stables and talk to some musicians standing nearby. Then, you head way over to the Lucky Clover Gazette and become a journalist. After that, you return and talk to the musicians, fix their cart, and take them to the Fairy. After all that’s done, you can begin to solve the Cotera situation.

Where to Find Drummer for Cotera Great Fairy Zelda TOTK

The location of the drummer for Great Fairy Cotera in Zelda TOTK is near Kakariko Bridge. You just need to follow the road leading north from the bridge and keep an eye on your right. You’ll see a narrow passage through the rocks and hear drumming. Go through the passage, and you’ll find the drummer, Beetz, in front of his tent. The exact coordinates are 2164, -1381, 0109. Naturally, it just can’t be that easy. The guy wants three combs of courser bee honey, and there are hives north of Kakariko Village. So, that’s our next annoyance. The name of the side quest is Honey, Bee Mine.

Honey, Bee Mine – Where to Find Courser Bee Honey Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To complete the Honey, Bee Mine side quest and unlock access to Great Fairy Cotera in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom, you need to find courser bee honey, as we’ve said. In fairness to Beetz, he’s told you exactly where to look. You have to go north of Kakariko Village and explore the woods south of the East Hill Chasm. Naturally, the hives are in the trees, but you can spot them more easily with Ultrahand. And yes, you can draw the hives using the ability, but do keep in mind that a swarm of bees will attack you. Perhaps it’s best to deal with them from afar. After getting three combs, report back to Beetz to complete the side quest.

Serenade To Cotera Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The final step to unlock access to Great Fairy Cotera and let her hear the sound of the drum is to complete the Serenade to Cotera side quest in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom. First off, go to the West Necluda Stables (1740, -1953, 0010) and find the stage with the musicians. Talk to them, and they’ll move closer to the river. The bridge is out, so you’ll need to construct a motorboat out of the junk lying around. Check out the screenshots below to see how we did it. Once it’s done, talk to the musicians to load them up. Sail them to Cotera to trigger a cutscene. If you need help with other Great Fairies take a look at our guide – How to unlock Great Fairy in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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    Michael J Chimahusky

    I went and found the drummer. I gave him 3 cursor bee honey’s. Went to the stables and NO BAND OR DRUMMER. I waited for 3 days. Is there anything else your not saying?

    1. A

      Have you done the first side quest involving the band, where you open the first Great Fairy’s bud? If not, then this quest won’t activate. Make sure, even after that, and after you find the drummer, you talk to the Maestro, wherever he is, as well before going to the stable by Dueling Peaks

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