TOTK Misko's Treasure Heroines Manuscript Location

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure Heroines Manuscript is one of the many old manuscripts by the legendary bandit Misko. Brothers Domidak and Pissen will tell you a story about “Statues of the Eight Heroines”. These statues reside in the desert, and Tingle’s Hood awaits you there. In this guide, we explain where is “the valley carved into Hemaar’s Descent” and how to shine the light of day upon the towering eight.

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TOTK Misko's Treasure Heroines Manuscript Location
Where are “Statues of the Eight Heroines” in Zelda TOTK?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure Heroines Manuscript Location

There is no doubt Misko is by far one of the most notorious bandits of Hyrule. His status is beyond legendary. And loot from his countless adventures is hidden all over the kingdom. Clues about these locations are concealed in various manuscripts. Brothers Domidak and Pissen have told Link about this “Misko’s Treasure Heroines Manuscript”. Namely, somewhere in the desert of Gerudo, a place called “Statues of the Eight Heroines” exists. If you want to find this treasure, you must seek this location. If you find it tedious to search for it on your own, we have the exact location. Check out the map below. It’s just east of the Gerudo Summit, at the beginning of Hemaar’s Descent. You can fast travel there via the Otutsum Shrine.

Once at the location, you will need to “shine the light of day” with it. However, don’t forget to have a Mirror with you. That’s one of the Zonai devices. Namely, that’s what you’ll use in order to enter the cave. Specifically, we need to place a Mirror with our Ultrahand so that it “shines the light of day upon the towering eight”. Hence, completing this quest is possible only during daylight. It will bit a little bit tricky to direct light in the desired direction. Nonetheless, with a little bit of patience, you will be able to do it. Finally, once inside the cave, you’ll need to deal with some Gibdo. At the end of the cave, there’s a chest (clear the sand!) and inside it – Tingle’s Hood!

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