TOTK Tunnel With Red Beams Entrance Zonaite Forge Island

If you are unsure how to enter the tunnel with Red Beams on Zonaite Forge Island, we have you covered! In the Necluda Sky Archipelago at the East Necluda Sky, you’ll stumble upon a very unique-shaped island called Zonaite Forge Island. And on top of it, there’s a tunnel with Red Beams inside it. However, there’s a gate blocking the entrance to the tunnel. Read on as we explain how to open the Zonaite Forge Island tunnel gate.

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TOTK Tunnel With Red Beams Entrance Zonaite Forge Island
TOTK Zonaite Forge Island Tunnel Entrance

How to Enter Tunnel With Red Beams on Zonaite Forge Island in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Just like its predecessor, and even more, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a game that gives you absolute freedom on how to play it. If you are creative enough, you can reach just about anything at any point. And if you have ended up atop the Zonaite Forge Island, you have probably found a tunnel with red beams and a gate. So, how to enter this tunnel? The thing is, the gate needs to be opened from another location on the Island. Namely, on the lower levels of the island, there’s another gate. This gate is just between the two circular platforms around the island’s sides. Check out our map and image below for the exact location./p>

However, this gate is closed as well, but that’s not the point. Once there, you will need to activate the green-portal thing. This will turn on several massive gusts on each rounded platform around the Zonaite Forge Island. Use these gusts with your paraglider to reach the top of Zonaite Forge Island again. And now you will see that the Tunnel With Red Beams entrance is opened! Finally, you will need to jump inside and navigate Link so that he doesn’t hit any of the red beams. If you hit any red rays, the gate below you will close! Inside, you will find Yansamin Shrine.

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