AC4 Black Flag Elite Design Plan Locations Guide

Elite Design Plans are the highest level upgrade for your Jackdaw. In order to acquire all plans, you should visit many Caribbean Islands, as well as complete the story mission “Diving for Medicines“. This mission rewards you with Diving Bell upgrade, which helps you reach the bottom of the ocean.

While traveling throughout the global map and discovering new places, you will come across cadavers with hidden treasure maps. The maps will help you find locations of Ship Wrecks, which can reward you with money and elite design plans. A complete list of Elite Design Plans and their respective Ship Wrecks is posted below the text.

1. Elite Hull Armor (Ship Wreck)

Plan Location: San Ignacio Wreck (379,770)

2. Elite Set of Broadside Cannons (Ship Wreck)

Plan Location: The Blue Hole (471,170)

3. Elite Ram (Ship Wreck)

Plan Location: La Concepcion Wreck (181,296)

4. Elite Round Shot Strength (Ship Wreck)

Plan Location: Kabah Ruins (769,145)

5. Elite Mortars (Ship Wreck)

Plan Location: Antocha Wreck (630,660)

6. Elite Swivel Guns Strength (Ship Wreck)

Plan Location: Devil’s Eye Caverns (487,357)

7. Elite Heavy Shot Strength (Treasure Map)

  • Corozal – Tavern (36,265)
  • Cadaver Location: Ambergris Key Cave (58,184)
  • Additional Reward: 3 000R
  • Dig Location: Misteriosa (307,195)

8. Elite Fire Barrel Strength (Treasure Map)

  • Arroyos – Tavern (193,565)
  • Cadaver Location: Santanillas (221,247)
  • Additional Reward: 3 000R
  • Dig Location: San Juan (479,487)

1. Elite Heavy Shot Storage (Treasure Map)

  • Cadaver Location: Cayman Sound (335,335)
  • Additional Reward: 3 000R
  • Dig Location: Petite Caverne (894,260)

2. Elite Mortar Storage (Treasure Map)

  • Cadaver Location: Tortuga (882,377)
  • Additional Reward: 3 000R
  • Dig Location: Matanzas (342,641)

3. Elite Fire Barrel Storage (Treasure Map)

  • Cadaver Location: Kenway’s fleet acquires it after completing mission “Scarlatina”.
  • Dig Location: Isla Providencia (502,44)

1. Elite Harpoon Strength (Treasure Map)

  • Cadaver Location: Mariguana Island (878,539)
  • Additional Reward: 3 000R
  • Dig Location: Andreas Island (575,717)

51 thoughts on “AC4 Elite Design Plan Locations Guide

        1. King Nothing

          I don’t have the map for the dig location of Elite Fire Barrel Storage, the cadaver is missing the map somehow, the Arroyos tavern owner won’t give me ANY information, and I can’t dig at the dig site. What’s going on? It’s like Elite Fire Barrel Storage was removed from the game, but it still says I need that plan for that upgrade.

          1. Pj70047

            To get the Elite Fire Barrel Storage upgrade, you’d first have to build your fleet of ships. Kenway’s Fleet is a minigame only playable online. So sign-in to your Xbox Live or PSN account and look for the mission “Scarlatina”. After retrieving the treasure map, head to Isla Providencia for the dig-up and acquisition of the plan.

      1. Will

        They’re up the top, you need to dive and search for chests underwater, the plan for the elite hull is in the chest furthest in the back of the map underwater if that helps.

    1. how to win without firing a single cannon

      yes they were. if you want to know something else useful I found out that if you somehow get onto an enemy ship and kill every one on board a single broadside will immediately defeat the ship and when you board there won’t be any enemies to fight. The way I get aboard ships is a: if it is not moving just swim to it BEWARE IT WILL SHOOT ITS CANNONS AT YOU IF YOUR SWIMMING TOWRADS IT DIVE AND ONLY SURFACE FOR A SECOND AFTER IT FIRES. Or b: if its moving try to get it stuck between you and an island or pull up alongside it get ahead of it a little and get off the wheel as quick as possible and jump over onto the ship. If you did it right after you get off the ship it should look like it was hit by cannons WARNING IF EVEN ONE PERSON IS ALIVE IT WONT WORK. if you want to say something about this just reply my email does not work. with this method I could take on men of war with out any upgrades.

  1. smokemist

    what do these plans do? without these plans i can still upgrade and get the final upgrade. do they boost the stats if i buy the final upgrade when i have the plans?

  2. Matt

    can someone pease explain why the coordinates for the cadaver of the elite mortar storage are on an inaccessable island?

  3. Aaron

    The coordinates for the the mortars are not correct. The plans gave me Aqulia’s Wheel, not the mortars. Does anyone have a correction or is it my game that the coordinates(630,660) are not for Mortars

  4. *Krishanu*


  5. OathOblivio

    For all the guys who complained about not finding the right treasure, the game literally tells you what you’re going to get from the treasure chest the map leads you to right up above the map. Just letting you know that there’s a quick way to validate these incredibly helpful tips (unless they’re wrong, then it’s not so helpful :P).

  6. daniiyell

    thank you very much.
    your site is awesome
    it was very helpful i finished assassin’s creed black flag with your help.
    pleaze share my comment.
    thanks 🙂

  7. Aplayer

    So, you cannot collect this without an oline subscription and doing the fleet missions? This iritates me greatly. I dont wanna finish the game with ship upgrades at 96 percent :c

  8. Livia

    the elite fire barrel strength part is wrong?
    the cadaver in santanillas gave me the map for the grey sails plans :I not the fire barrel strength one…

    1. Alex S

      You need to do the fleet mission done with either the in-app companion or in the captains cabin. You cannot find it regularly

  9. Vishwa

    HI Guys…need some help. I got the chest from Devil’s Eye Caverns to upgrade Elite Swivel gun . Why is Jackdaw not giving me option to upgrade/purchase. Please help.

  10. Siebert Neethling

    I finished the game a long time ago never having the elite plans. Could not find them, now I have them all.

  11. Peter

    I have question, I have plan for elite mortar enough metal and money but I still can’t buy it… It look like I don’t have this plan, but I do… Can You help me?

    1. shane

      Same problem but with elite heavy shot, I have plan/money/resources but can’t buy it- it still dat preq in red. Did you ever resolve this?

      1. Alex S

        You need to the fleet mission in the in-app companion or in the captains cabin. The island is not in-game regularly


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