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Automatron is the new add-on for Fallout 4. It contains a new quest line, in which you have to battle the Mechanist and his army of robots.
It’s all a bit confusing, and it can be hard to find the starting mission from the DLC. This guide will show you how to start Automatron DLC quest in Fallout 4.

automatron mission start fallout 4

Automatron DLC Starting Quest

After you’ve downloaded the add-on, check the main menu for the “Add-ons” option. If it’s not there, you’ll have to update the game. If it is there, you should see Automatron listed inside once you click it.

You’ll need to be at least level 15 to start the new quest chain. When you’ve met this requirement, a message will pop up, starting the Mechanical Menace quest and informing you of a new radio signal called Caravan Distress Call. Tune-in to the new frequency and you’ll receive a call for help which will take you on an epic journey.

The distress call comes from a member of a caravan under attack by robots east of Watts Consumer Electronics. When you go there and defeat the robots, the quest chain will start.

If the mission doesn’t begin, even though you’ve met the level requirements, you could try restarting the game and reloading the save file. Try another save game if the problem persists.

14 thoughts on “How To Start Automatron DLC Quest

  1. Sammy

    The 20th level requirement is wrong. I’ve got two characters, one just reached about 16/17, the other is 12. I get the quest on the 16/17 character, but not yet on the 12th level one. So I’m thinking if they’re doing in fives, it’ll probably start at level 15.

      1. Sammy

        Yeah, I can confirm it’s at level 15. My 17th level one got it and hadn’t done almost any of the main quest, and my 12th level got it at reaching level 15 while i was powerleveling. Don’t need to do anything but come out of the vault and be level 15 it looks like.

        1. Sir Cranburry

          The quest started fine for my characters i already beat the game with, but the character i created this morning is level 16 and it hasn’t appeared at all

  2. Christopher Allen Mcdonald

    So I’m on the ” a new friend” quest and I’ve killed and searched the robobrain and it still says in my quest I need to search the robobrain. Wtf.

  3. NegNoodles

    Im having a bug where the radio station has no response LOL….so i cant even stasr tthis quest. I tried reinstalling/disabling VIA nexus mod manager etc. and none of them worked…….

  4. matt

    PSA if radio signal is not working just head to Watts consumer electronis the quest will update to defeat hostile robots and then you can continue.

  5. Sam

    so my game shows i have the quest but when i listen to the distress beacon i dont hear anything and the quest doesnt start pls help

  6. Matty

    I have the dlc installed and im level 126 but it still hasn’t came up saying the quest has started what do i need to do?


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