FFXV Better Auto Crossbow Quest

A Better Auto Crossbow quest is a side quest in Final Fantasy XV. The Auto Crossbow is a machinery weapon you can find Keycatrich Trench dungeon.
It’s a ranged weapon that fires a shock wave at enemies, as well as a barrage of crossbow bolts. Needless to say, it can deal quite a bit of damage. If you use the Auto Crossbow frequently, you’ll really want to upgrade it further. We will show you how to upgrade Auto Crossbow in this guide.

Better Auto Crossbow quest Note: This guide is a work in progress. We will continue to update it as we gather more info.

FFXV Auto Crossbow Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your Auto Crossbow, you’ll have to take it to Cid Sophiar. Cid is a master mechanic in retirement. He’s got a lot of free time on his hands, so he’s willing to help you out by upgrading your machinery weapons.

In order to get the first upgrade to the Auto Crossbow, you need to acquire a cactuar needle. Cactuar needles are appendages from cactuars, an old staple of the Final Fantasy series. In case you already have a cactuar needle lying around in your inventory, had it over to Cid and he’ll take care of the rest. Keep in mind, though, cactuar needles are not easy to come by. Even worse, when you do find them, they really seem like regular junk, and you might sell them off for a measly amount of gil. As a general rule of thumb, don’t automatically sell items labeled as treasure because they might turn out to be handy when you least expect it. In case you’re having trouble finding the item, check out our Cactuar Needle Locations guide. Once you have your cactuar needle, make your way back to Cid. Hand over the item and the Auto Crossbow to him and he’ll work his magic. After a while, he’ll hand you your upgraded Auto Crossbow and you’ll also get some EXP to top it off.

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