Mass Effect Andromeda Best Starting Weapons

Mass Effect Andromeda has a large assortment of weapons to suit all your needs and playstyles. Of course, you need to work hard to get those really powerful ones. In this guide, we’ll show you the best starting weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda & how to get them.

Mass Effect Andromeda Best Starting Weapon
Mass Effect Andromeda Best Starting Weapons

How to Get Best Starting Weapon in ME Andromeda

There are some very hard hitters in Mass Effect Andromeda. Unless you’ve preordered the deluxe version of the game (check out our How to Unlock Preorder & Deluxe Edition Bonuses guide if you have trouble with those), you won’t have access to much of them, though. Some of the best weapons you can get right at the start, though, are the following:

  • Krogan Hammer
  • N7 Hurricane
  • N7 Piranha
  • Scorpion
  • Vanquisher SR
  • Venom

However, you won’t really have access to those in the early game just like that. So, the question is, how to get the best starting weapons? Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get these weapons very early on in the game that you can exploit. It will probably require you to reload a save several times, but it’s still a shortcut over the research and crafting. In the Nexus, go to the Operations section. On the left hand side, there’s the shop and another room full of crates, where you can look over security footage. In the crate room, there’s an orange crate on the right-hand side, behind the huge, black crates.

This crate doesn’t always grant you anything special, but there’s a chance that you can get something extremely powerful. So, what you should do is save the game and open the crate. If you get something you want, great. If not, keep reloading the save and opening the crate until you do. Make sure you save before opening the first time, since the chest has only one use. Once you open it, that’s it. You won’t get anything else, unless you reload the save. However, if you’ve missed it so far, don’t worry. You can still access it, and it’s in the same place.

Huge thank you to Reddit user n7_stormreaver for discovering the crate exploit.

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