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Hen Gaidth Armor is a relic set in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. It’s a crimson heavy armor set that restores your vitality every time you kill someone.
You’ll have to get to level 53 if you want to use it. You can get it during one of the main quests, if you’ve chosen to pursue the Unseen Elder. This guide will show you how to get Hen Gaidth armor in Witcher 3, what it looks like and its stats.

Hen Gaidth Set Location

You can get the whole set during What Lies Unseen, a main quest you only get if you chose to go after the Unseen Elder in The Night of Long Fangs. The first two pieces are in a chest next to the hole you emerge from when entering the cave.

After you reach the room with the bonfire and the waterfall, follow the foot marks into the tunnel until there’s a branching. Follow the left branch and you’ll end up in a room with several level 56 protofelders. When you defeat them, look for a chest near the wall – that’s where the next two pieces will be.

After you slide down the stone wall, you’ll end up on top of a tower. The chest with the last two pieces of the armor will be by the tower wall.

Hen Gaidth Armor Stats

This is a heavy armor set that requires you to be level 53 to wear it. It looks exactly like the Tesham Mutna armor, complete with mask and everything, only it’s bloody red and with better stats. The set bonus is also the same:
  • 3/6 pieces: Killing enemies restores vitality. You get 1% max HP back from every kill, for every equipped piece (max 6%).

16 thoughts on “Hen Gaidth Armor

  1. Martyn

    Is it possible to get the key to the area then talk to regis and go down the other quest line and come back for the armor later?

      1. Sin

        how is it possible?

        the Unseen Lord is in the cave and instantly kills you via cutscene soon as your enter his room?

        you can only reach the steel sword and gauntlets….

        1. zl

          That’s true. I tried with Black blood – no effect. Maybe equipping the whole Tesham Mutna set might help, though I highly doubt it (I didn’t collect all the items, so I cannot try this). I was kind of disappointed that the developers didn’t make a way to fight the Unseen Elder, even if it was nearly impossible to kill him.

          Yes, it is fun that there is some being that witcher like Geralt won’t be able to kill, but still to be possible to fight it was going to be interesting.

  2. RakaX

    i could only get gloves and sword and that’s it!
    The unseen kills you instantly in cutscene! Shame that you cant even get a fair fight with him even so that he is stronger!

    1. RakaX

      but dont do that because youll cant leave the area around the city afterwards its gonna be bug geralt will think he is still on the mission and as he says”cant leave the area need to stop Dettlaff”

    2. WitcherTheWitcherer

      What are you on about? The Unseen kills you after you ask too many questions or pick the wrong option in the dialogue. After you meet him, he throws you down into a tunnel of some sorts, you gather your things that fell down, drink a swallow potion and soldier on. You can get the whole set in that cave while you’re on that mission – just explore more.

      1. Ravix of Fourhorn

        If you get the stone key during “blood simple” but proceed in the other questline and finish the game without meeting the Unseen elder, there will be a bug when you try entering the vampire’s cave later on. The Unseen Elder will kill you, but you are now stuck in that area, like it was during the story mission. Maybe it was what happened to him.

  3. King

    Cannot leave the area as you said, bug. Maybe they’ll fix that and will remove high vampire from cave afterwards, or at least give us some dialog.

  4. Kaviji

    as of 1.22, you can still get the key, but they seem to have moved the end of the world border closer to the water so you can not reach the cave anymore if you do not go down that quest line.

    1. Kaviji

      EDIT: after looking at the map screenshot closer and poking around, you can indeed still get the sword and gloves and do the other quest line, as the entrance is near the place of power on the shore and not where the marker is indicating in the screenshot.


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