How to Buy / Get New Horse in Witcher 3

Horses in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are more than just pretty animals; they play a vital role as beasts of burden and a means of transportation. Traversing the Northern Realms is easier and faster on horseback, and you can put saddlebags on your trusty steed to increase the size of your inventory and carry more items.
You’ll start the game with your brown mare, but if you dislike or simply grow tired of it, you can get a new one in two ways:

witcher 3 different horses

  • One of them is to tame wild horses with your Axii sign, but they will leave once you dismount and will not respond to your summons.
  • If you desire a more permanent replacement, you will have to wait until the final part of the “Blood on the Battlefield” main quest, when Ciri’s father will reward you with a black Nilfgaardian mare if you refuse to take money from him for bringing Ciri home.
  • The latest free DLC brings only horse upgrades available from the Merchant that was being attacked by the Royal Griffin. They are Temerian Horse Blinders gives +20 Horse’s Fear Level and costs 421 Gold. Temerian Saddle gives +25 Staminaand costs 421 Gold.





    Thank you so much for the spoilers…


      Then why the f are you reading this in the first place

        Filip Deen

        Because I’m at the beginning of the game and just encountered wild horses. Think you’re smart or something?


          Look dumbass you can’t expect to look at stuff like this without seeing information about the game that main contain spoilers. Your just a fucking idiot for expecting there not to be any


            To be fair, this is about getting another horse for crying out loud! If you’re searching main story/quest related strategies/tips etc. I could understand (its happened to me plenty of times) Doesn’t this site have a spoiler/blur function? If not, at the very least the author could of written a spoiler warning, it’s common courtesy as far as I’m concerned.

            I can understand where the guy/girl complaining is coming from, this didn’t spoil me because I finished the game a longtime ago. However, if I was still early on in the game and I read this I’d be furious as well. This is late but to the person “spoiled” it’s not really a major spoiler at all and you probably already know this now because I imagine you have finished the game at this point.

          oacvh since I;ve now become tire of the all black

          Bro, it’s really minor. I wouldn’t look at this as being a spoiler necessarily although I get it. I don’t know if you’re still playing the game or not, finished or not? You have a lot to look forward if you are still playing and then there’s the fantastic expansions, in ways even better than the main game. BTW, the horse is a different color, that’s it, nothing special. Matter of fact, I’m now trying to find a mod to change Roach’s skin since I’ve gotten tired of the Nilfgaardian black stallion horse.

          My advice, stay away from sites and forums pertaining to this game (any game while you’re playing it) I’ve had to learn my lessons the hard way ~Spoiling a few games, some minor ones and some truly major,’I don’t feel like playing the game anymore’ kinds of spoilers. Just a heads up, be careful, these days you cannot avoid spoilers online, its ridiculous. Have fun and don’t let this ruin your enjoyment of the game.

          Dean Gullberry

          He is alot smarter than you, what f***ing moron would visit guides about a game and not exspect to find spoilers?.. You sir are a wa*ker.

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