Zelda BoTW Horse Armor - How to Customize Your Mount

Horse armor is gear you can equip your horse with in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It doesn’t affect the mount’s stats, but it does let you customize its appearance. There are several pieces of horse gear you can obtain during your time in Hyrule, and they’re all well hidden. In this guide, we’re going to show you what Zelda Breath of the Wild horse armor looks like, where to find it and how to customize your mount.

zelda botw horse armor how to customize mount
Zelda BoTW horse armor

Ancient Horse Gear

Ancient Horse Gear is available with the latest Zelda Breth of the Wild DLC Pack: The Champion’s Ballad. You can find Ancient Saddle just east of Horse God Bridge, while the Ancient Bridle can be found in Satori Mountain.

Horse customization in Zelda BoTW

You can only customize your mount at stables that have someone out front feeding the horses. We know for sure you can use Highland and Foothill stables. You also have to build up your bond with the mount you want to customize. When it’s at its maximum, talk to the one feeding the animals. They’ll give you the option to change the mane (both style and color), saddle and bridle.

Monster horse armor

zelda botw kilton location

If you have access to Kilton, the secret vendor, you can buy a couple of pieces from him. If you don’t, check out our Kilton location guide to learn where to find him. You’ll need to finish a quest first, and he’ll move around a lot after that. You’ll have to exchange monster parts for a special currency called Mon before you can buy his wares. He can sell you a Monster Saddle for 300 Mon and a Monster Briddle for 400 Mon.

Extravagant saddle & bridle

There’s a horse obstacle course you can compete in at the Highland Stable. Talk to the man next to the crock pot. He’ll let you run the course, and if you beat it in less than 1:30, you’ll get the Extravagant Bridle. If you manage to beat his record time (1:15), you’ll get the Extravagant Saddle. You’ll have to do the course twice if you want both – beating the quest giver’s record on the first try will only give you the saddle. If you need more detailed info on the task, check out our mini games guide.

Knight’s bridle & saddle

horseback shooting drill zelda botw

There’s another mini game related to horses – the horseback shooting course. You can start it by talking to a guy in Faron Grasslands. He’ll ask you to shoot ballons while riding a horse. If you manage to pop 20 withing the time limit, he’ll reward you with the Knight’s Bridle. If you get 23, you’ll be rewarded with the Knight’s Saddle. Don’t worry if you don’t bring enough arrows – the quest giver sells them.

Royal horse armor set

You can get this for free, but you need to have a specific horse. Travel to the Outskirts Stable, northwest of the Great Plateau. Talk to Toffa. He’ll send you on a quest to capture the Royal Stallion. Once you tame and register the horse, talk to Toffa again. He’ll be thrilled, and he’ll give you both the Royal Saddle and Royal Bridle.



    Abigayle Howe

    We didn’t find the Specialist at Foothill stable, so are you sure there is a person there?


    there is one at outskirt. she tends the horses on the right side of the stable


    I really want to customize my horse :0


    The knights armor is REALLY HARD to get


      SO hard I can not even get 20




      you know I have every piece but for knight use the savvege lynel bow


    The giant horse has his own horse armor so there is a total of four sets.


      I wish there was a way to put the other armor on him tho

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