Zelda BotW All 900 Korok Seed Reward Discovered

The new Zelda game has no shortage of collectibles and things to do. One such item to collect are Korok seeds, and there’s 900 of them in the game. They’re almost literally at every step, yet some of them are really well-hidden. One player collected all 900 Korok seeds in Zelda BOTW, and the reward is… a golden poop.

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Zelda Breath of the Wild All 900 Korok Seed Reward
Zelda Breath of the Wild All 900 Korok Seed Reward

Korok seeds absolutely have their place in the game. You bring them back to a character called Hestu to upgrade your inventory in Breath of the Wild. The upgrades get more and more expensive as you go, hence the need for nine hundred of them (I guess). Of course, you can get through the game without them, but considering how often things break in this game, you’ll sorely miss inventory space.

To make matters even more difficult, there are several Hestu locations that he changes before settling down. The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s not at all easy to collect all nine hundred of them, even though it’s worth it.

Recently, Reddit user xFateAwaitsx managed to find every Korok seed. As it turns out, Hestu has a special bonus for you when you manage to gather them all, called Hestu’s Gift. Check out the image below.

All 900 Korok Seeds Reward Zelda BOTW

You can try as hard as you want, but you’ll never convince me that that isn’t a golden piece of poop. Not only are you now carrying a literal gilded turd in your pocket, but it doesn’t seem to do absolutely anything. The mind boggles.

Whether or not this is just a silly toilet joke, or if it’s a bold statement on the futility of item collecting in modern video games, we may never know. Like a true piece of art, it is fully open to interpretation. However, those inventory upgrades are still very much something you want, so feel free to check out our Korok seed locations guide.

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    I’d say that reward is pretty crap

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    I’ve found 439 so far

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    I found 10, lol.

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