Closing the Book - Alien: Isolation Mission 1 Guide

This is the first mission Alien: Isolation mission and it helps you get familiar with game systems. You will explore the ship and hear some backstory along the way.
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Torrens is ship of same class as Nostromo, ship where the first Alien movie takes place, so you will get to see and explore some familiar spots.

Explore The Torrens

Main objective of the first mission requires you to do several steps and starts with three mini objectives. We’ll also help you find some Archive Logs as you go through the mission.

Sing in

Alien Isolation Explore the Torrents Sign inOnce you wake up look up for System Monitoring A that is close by. Once you get near it you can complete the first objective.

Get Dressed

Alien Isolation Explore the Torrens Get DressedLeave the Hypersleep Chambers and head to Bunk Room to get dressed.
Alien Isolation Explore the Torrens Get DressedArchive Log: Once you enter this room, look to your right an there will be an access Terminal with “Just Missed You Personal” Log.
Alien Isolation Explore the Torrens Get DressedRipley Personal Storage is where you can put some clothes on and it is found in the corner of the room.

Speak to Taylor

Alien Isolation Explore The Torrens Speak to TaylorTaylor can be found in Galley part of Torrens A Deck. Once you enter the room the dialog starts and upon its completion this mini objective is finished.
Alien Isolation Explore the Torrens Speak to TaylorArchive Log: In southern part of the galley you can find a computer with Personal logs like: “Nostromo Incident” and “Torrens Manifest”.

Speak to Samuels

Alien Isolation Explore the Torrens Speak to SamuelsSamuels is found in southern Torrens A Deck. This is the Medical Bay of the ship. Once you enter the room you’ll start talking with Samuels and mini objective will be completed.

Collect your Briefing Document

Alien Isolation Explore the Torrens Collect your Briefing DocumentThis mini objective can be done inside the Bridge part of Torrens A Deck. Once you reach the bridge and listen to what captain has to say pick up the Briefing document that can be found on the desk behind the captain.

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