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Alien Isolation Blueprint Medikit Version 1

Blueprints Locations Guide

Crafting is as a very important feature in Alien: Isolation. Before you can craft an item you have to find the corresponding blueprint. Every blueprint allows you to craft only one item, but each of them has up to three upgraded versions.

Beacon – Alien: Isolation Mission 9

Ninth mission of Alien: Isolation is called “Beacon” and it is one of the most iconic missions in the game because you get to visit one of the most important locations of the first Alien movie – The Derelict. This is a flashback mission where Marrlow tells us the story of how he brought the alien on board Sevastopol.

Alien Isolation Ripley cutscene screenshot

Haven – Alien: Isolation Mission 8 Guide

Eight Alien: Isolation mission called “Haven” is not too long in retrospect, but it took me quite a while to finish it. I was experimenting with different ways to activate the transit system (kill the droid and human guards or avoid them?). In the end I talk about the few options I found.

Alien: Isolation ARCHIVE

alien isolation flare

How to unequip the flares

While wandering throughout the space station Sevastopol, you will come across many items that can be use against hostile Humans, aggressive Synthetics or Alien. The first item that you can use to distract your enemy is a flare.

Alien Isolation Weapon Flame Thrower

Weapons Guide

There are a lot of dangers in Alien: Isolation and getting something to fight them with is most helpful. There are six non-craftable weapons you can find in Alien: Isolation. Two of them are melee only while others are ranged.

Alien Isolation Find Dr Morleys Keycard

The Quarantine – Mission 5

The Quarantine – Alien Isolation: Mission Five starts at Sevastopol Scimed Tower. You are about to go to Samuels and Taylor. This is a rather short mission but it consists of lots of hiding.

hostile androids in alien isolation

Seegson Communications Mission 4 guide

Seegson Communications guide with screenshots describes the fourth mission in Alien: Isolation that introduces you to hostile androids and motion tracker tool that will be crucial through the rest of the game.

Encounters – Mission 3 guide

Alien: Isolation mission Encounters guide and screenshot walkthrough with detailed explanation to help you avoid human enemies, find Nostromo’s flight recorder and avoid the alien before you go to the next mission

Alien Isolation Maintenance Jack

Mission 2 Welcome to Sevastopol

Welcome to Sevastopol is the second mission in Alien: Isolation and it involves exploring the Sevastopol space stations Arrival terminals and adjacent floors. Mission has many objectives and sub-objectives and the following guide will help you with all of them.

Alien Isolation Explore The Torrens Speak to Taylor

Mission One Closing The Book

This is the first Alien: Isolation mission and it helps you get familiar with game systems. You will explore the ship and hear some backstory along the way. Torrens is ship of same class as Nostromo, ship where the first Alien movie takes place, so you will get to see and explore some familiar spots.