Welcome to Sevastopol - Alien: Isolation Mission 2 Guide

Welcome to Sevastopol is the second mission in Alien: Isolation and it involves exploring the Sevastopol space stations Arrival terminals and adjacent floors. Mission has many objectives and sub-objectives and the following guide will help you with all of them.
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Find Help

As you land on the station get out of your space suit (by using one of the empty space suit pods) and go further inside the station. You’ll soon face a pipe with large gas leak that’s on fire. There is a ventilation shaft you should enter left of the burning gas. This takes you to the other side of gas leak.
Alien Isolation Welcome to Sevastopol Find HelpArchive Log: Next room hides a Personal Terminal with two Corrupted Folders and non-corrupted one “Decommissioning”
You’ll end up in the luggage area soon enough. Crouch down to go through the luggage machine. At the end of this area are ladders. Use them to climb up. You can go all the way to the end of that hallway first to loot some materials from a crate and come back to the ladders to go up.

Search the Spaceflight Terminal for Help

We are now at Departures area of Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal. Move forward and go up some stairs. There should be a terminal that will uncover some of the unexplored map areas for you to your right. Make a U-turn at that terminal and you should enter a room with a power generator and a computer terminal overlooking the room you just came through. Use the power generator first and then go to the nearby Access Terminal. Use it and access the Utility folder where you will be able to restore power to Departures.
Archive Log: At the same personal (Access) Terminal are logs like: “Moved Our Stash”, “Goodbuy From Seegson” and “Kill the Power”.
Blueprint: You will find your first Blueprint of the game in the Departures area. Go back down the stairs into the main area and there is a room in the back that was locked by a passcode. If you accessed the personal logs in the room before you whould have read “Moved Our Stash” entry that contains the passcode to this door. The code is 0340. Once inside, collect Medikit (V.1) Blueprint. Once you collect the blueprint you will be able to access crafting of that item through the radial menu.
Alien Isolation Search the Spaceflight Terminal for HelpOnce you collect the Blueprint head to the next area – the Passenger Lounge.

How to Leave Sevastopol Passenger Lounge?

Contact the Torrens

If you go around the Passenger Lounge you will only find locked doors. Trick is to climb up to the second floor via stairs and move across to the other side. Go back down to Passenger Lounge floor and you will find a room with some arcade games. There is a power generator in this room that will turn on all the arcade games, but also unlock the door to the restaurant/bar in the middle of Passenger Lounge. Go ahead and enter it.
Alien Isolation Contact the TorrensArchive Log: Inside the small restaurant is an access terminal and audio log that let you collect the following Archive Logs: “Pulling the Plug”, “To All Spaceflight Employees”, “What is Apollo?”
Just behind the counter, next to the audio log is the vent entrance. Open it to leave this area. We are now at arrivals and departures area of the passenger lounge. Use the power button to move the vehicle that blocks the passage through a small metal vent shaft. As you go through the shaft and rest of this hallway you will arrive at the Baggage Claim.

Get Through the Main Door

Alien ISolation Get Through the Main DoorArchive Log: Before the door we are supposed to go through is another audio log: “Last Power Coupling”.
Main door is locked. In order to get them open first go through the door right of the one we need to open. Inside that room you should find a power generator that will open another section of the map. Go back to the main Baggage claim room and climb the stairs left of the Main Door.
Alien Isolation Get Through the Main Door
Climb the stairs near the main door.
East of the main door are stairs that take you to Immigration Office area.
Alien Isolation Get Through the Main DoorArchive Log 013: On the control consoles you can find another audio log: Another Break-In.
Head to southeastern area of Immigration Office. There is a storage area that has a vent duct entrance. Use it to reach the Cells. Next to the dead body you can find Maintenance Jack.Archive Log and ID Tag: Next to the body is Archive Log 014: “Dead Soldiers” and ID Tag Z.Watson. Once you leave Z. Watson’s cell remove a Brace from another nearby door. They hide an another audio log: Archive Log 015: “Interview: Heyst”.As you use your Maintenance Jack on the main door, the next objective starts.

Head to the Transit Link with Axel

Axel will be leading you to an elevator that takes you down to Freight Shipping. Pick up the flashlight in his dwellings and next you’ll find yourself in a very dark area.

Use your flashlight to find the vent entrance

Turn on your flashlight and just roam around the room until you find the Vent shaft. MAke sure you go opposite of the vent shaft to collect an ID Tag nearby. You’ll come across some human enemies next.

Find a way to distract the looters

To shut off the generator sneak past the looters into a room to the east and interact with the generator. Next to the generator switch is a vent opening in the ground. Use it to avoid the looters and join Axel in the next room.

Escape with Axel

Follow Axel and you will come across a room with another computer terminal where you’ll find Archive logs 016, 017 and 018 (“A Blind Eye”, “Two-man rule”, “Inventory”). Next you will have to activate two switches simultaneously with Axel. He will get attacked by one of the looters so run over to help him. At the end of the mission you’ll unlock access to the transit system that will take you to Lorenz Systech Spire.