How to unequip flares in Alien: Isolation

alien isolation flare
While wandering throughout the space station Sevastopol, you will come across many items that can be use against hostile Humans, aggressive Synthetics or Alien. The first item that you can use to distract your enemy is a flare. If you throw a flare into the corner Alien will go and investigate, and you can sneak up in the other direction. That’s how in theory this item should work. Pretty soon you will find out that in practice it doesn’t work that way, and Alien will go look for who threw the flare. Thus, we have a small tip for all of you who equipped this item and now desperately want to get rid of it. You can wait until you get your first weapon (it will happened pretty soon) or you can simply use it and throw it.

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  1. J

    Oh wow, thanks for the HELPFUL tip. Not. Was hoping this was actually something that wasn’t so obvious. Jesus. How could they not have put a deselect, unequip button in this game. Ridiculous.

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