Seegson Synthetics – Alien: Isolation Mission 7

Seventh mission in Alien: Isolation takes place in Seegson Synthetics. Our Alien friend makes an appearance in this mission and you get to fry an android, which is always fun.

Return to Taylor with medical supplies

Fire will prevent you from moving down the hallway so enter a nearby air duct and follow it until you emerge next to a broken elevator and a group of humans occupying Technician Training area nearby.

Find a compression cylinder to repair the elevator

You will have to fix that elevator to get out of here. Sneak towards the group of humans, but stay hidden because they will shoot on sight. Hug the right wall (west on the map) and you will find a vent opening in the floor. Enter it to go to the east side of the Technician Training area. While under the floor look for some supplies scattered in the corners. When you exit on the west side of the room there might be a guard close by so sneak carefully towards the ladder and go upstairs.Now that you are on the Facility Observation floor move counter clockwise, but be silent because too much noise can attract the alien. There is a computer terminal to the north where you can pick up Archive Logs 056 and 057. You’ll come across another room as you move south with a save spot and another terminal with Logs 058 and 059.

Smoke Bomb (V.2) Blueprint

In the same room with the save game terminal you will find the improved Smoke Bomb Blueprint.As you move south you will go downstairs where you have to figure out the way to open the door to the warehouse. There is a ladder you can climb, but go east to Synthetics Storage where you’ll find an android locked inside a pod.

Find a way to power up the requisitions android

To do this task you will have to upgrade your security access tuner. Inside the warehouse room with the disabled droid go north and you will find a small room with a computer terminal and an upgrade for your tuner. At about this time the alien will start patrolling the area more intensively and become a real nuisance. You need to go back to the ladder, climb it and hack the droid activation console. There is a save terminal in the same room so make sure you use it. Also, visit the room to the north that you can now open with your upgraded tuner. Inside you will find three more archive logs. Avoid the room with toxic gas – you can’t do much about it and the alien can visit it without any consequence (he seems to be immune to toxic gas).

How to avoid the Alien in Seegson Synthetics

I had a really hard time with the Alien in this section of the map. It patrols a very wide area dropping in and out of air vents at random. The problem is that you need to cross a very long section from the door to the synthetic and back, without any cover, and the Alien can decide to drop in at any time (usually comes through the main door and dashes toward the synthetic once he hears noise. You can use a Molotov cocktail trap at the front door to scare him away while you activate the android or hide in the air duct after activating the android. Once you get to the main objective warehouse room the alien is kind of less aggressive so you won’t have to worry as much, but until then, everywhere you move he will follow. Crouch and move around until he starts patrolling, then wait for him to go back into vents (boring, I know). I did one other trick. I exit the game completely and load the game in the room where you hack the android controls. Start moving immediately! Just move and don’t mind the noises. Press the button to activate the android and keep moving towards the other warehouse. The game’s AI kind of uses the Alien as a system to urge you to move so the more you hide and stand around the more aggressive the alien gets. Exiting the game completely and starting anew seems to reset its aggressiveness (this is only an assumption though).

Retrieve the compression cylinder

Now that the android let you inside the warehouse he will go toward the left wall and go up in flames as he steps on electrified floor. To avoid the same destiny go to the opposite (east) wall and use the buttons to move warehouse shelves all the way down. This will create an opening you can go through and avoid the electrified floor. Go around to the northwest corner and use the shelf control buttons to bring the shelves down until you see the Compression Cylinder. Alien will start patrolling again, but I feel like he avoids this room due to electricity. As you exit the warehouse just go toward the elevator. You can go straight through the middle room, but I would advise the in-floor vents because that will help you avoid the alien (it is the same ones you used to avoid humans when you first entered this mission).

Find exit to Synthetic fluid plant

As you exit the elevator you’ll find yourself in a room with working assembly lines. You may witness the Alien take on some humans hiding upstairs in the control room. You just keep moving along the left path and go upstairs. You can enter an air duct in the middle of that corridor, but continuing clockwise will take you to a room with the save terminal computer with some archive logs. No go back and enter the control room. There are two people inside that are very jumpy so stay crouched and exit that room west. You’ll get to Scimed Tower Transit elevator which will end this mission.

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  1. C

    In Alien Isolation, miss 7, once the requisition droid opens the warehouse door, he attacks me…. any suggestions?

    1. K

      He attacks me too, dunno what to do. please help!

      1. T
        tom san


        My last post I said that the vent beside the android storage unit that you activated was on the right. IT IS ACTUALLY ON THE LEFT WHEN YOU ARE FACING THE STORAGE STASIS CONTAINER

  2. D

    Thanks for this! Maybe it was because I had a guide and kept going, but the alien didn’t make a single appearance the whole time for me. Creepier that way actually…

  3. L

    In the starting area I took out all of the humans with thrown pipe the bomb – it have lured the alien straight after the explosion. After couple of minutes he dissipated in the went and that was the last time he was present in my walk-trough (HARD difficulty)

  4. T
    tom san

    To really get a jump on the android attacking you you must get through the warehouse door and than once he goes RED you run away, but just sprint in shorts spurts to gain some ground on him, not a flat out sprint or the alien will come forth. There is a vent to the right of where you turned the android on, back against the wall. Get in there and crawl back until the door closes. The android will eventually go back to the warehouse and stand right beside the vent on the left hand wall of that room. You creep to the control panel on the right. There are four rows and you want the right most one. If he sees you creep there, throw a flair to the left corner when your hiding behind the boxes so you can get to that panel. He won’t see you sneak by then. The panel goes up an down, i think you need to make it go down until its fully underground. You past the electricity that way. I think this was a patch? Maybe because this level is wayyyy to easy. The cylinder is in the back left panel unit. Its up or down I forget. You will have to sneak past the android again, He may see you enter the room where you pick up the cylinder and if he does sneaking might be a bit harder, just distract him, which should be easy, and then walk to the entrance. I played through about 25 times and restarted twice until i just decided to not fight and run properly. Its easy once you finish, just like this whole game is. I bet your second playthroughs will go swimmingly!!

  5. G

    This android attacking only occurs in Hard mode. It never messed with me in easy or medium.

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