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There are a lot of dangers in Alien: Isolation and getting something to fight them with is most helpful. There are six non-craftable weapons you can find in Alien: Isolation.
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Two of them are melee only while others are ranged (some are short and some long range weapons). Unlike craftable blueprint bombs/mines, which you can also use to damage enemies, these six weapons need ammunition in order to work (except the Maintenance Jack tool/weapon which is a blunt weapon). In the list bellow you can learn about the location of all weapons in Alien: Isolation including name and number of the mission they are found in. We’ll also give you some tips to cheese which weapon is best against certain enemies (what to use against the Alien and what to use against androids/synthetics or hostile humans).

Note (Spoiler): At one point during the game you will be forced to give up your weaponry (you keep your maintenance jack and stun baton). Later on during the same mission you can find their replacements on your way to the next mission objective.

Maintenance Jack

Found in mission: Mission no. 2 – Welcome to Sevastopol
Location: Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal / Security (Cells). Inside the Cells are, on the ground, next to a dead body.
Short Description: You can’t miss finding this weapon because it is a prerequisite for progressing the story. This is a Melee Tool but in desperate situations you can use it as a weapon.
Pros: Doesn’t require ammunition. Controls allows instant usage without choosing it from the inventory. When you get cought by regular androids you get a chance to free yourself. At that point you can take a couple of melee swings with your maintenance jack. Regular Androids/Synthetics on normal difficulty level require 6 hits in the head with the maintenance jack to go down, but you have to stun them first with a grenade or stun baton. Can be used to dispatch humans (hits in the head are more effective).
Cons: Low damage. Synthetic androids block hits if not stunned. Can’t be used against the Alien.
Gosu Tip: You can hit metal walls with your Maintenance jack and run away, while enemies gather to see the cause of the noise (or if you want to attract them to your current position in a trap)


Found in mission: Mission no.3 – Encounters
Location: Lorenz Systech Spire / Lower Level (Facility Control). On a white control console table.
Short Description: Standard pistol with a six bullet barrel.
Pros: Long range weapon. Medium amount of ammunition found in looting places. Medium damage. Effective against non armored humans. If you have time to aim you can do some real damage with headshots.
Cons: Loud weapon. Needs to be chosen from inventory in order to be used. If you want to do some precision aiming you have to wait for ~2 seconds until it becomes deadly. Useless against the alien. Not very effective against the androids.

Stun Baton

Found in mission: Mission no. 6 – The Outbreak
Location: San Cristobal Medical Facilty / Maintenance and Morgue (Environmental Control). Stuck in the automatic door. Can’t miss it as it is part of the main mission.
Short Description: Melee weapon with charges that stuns. You will need charges/ammo for it to work because without charges it doesn’t seem to do anything.
Pros: This weapon stuns androids for a short period, which gives you just enough time to swing at them with your maintenance jack. Another plus is that you can silently take down humans with it. Humans struck with a stun baton charge seem to pass out indefinitely, but more importantly they do it silently so you do not attract the alien.
Cons: Charges are few and hard to find.

Flame Thrower

Found in mission: Mission no. 10 – The Trap
Location: Solomons Habitation Tower / Galleria Lower Concourse (Colonial Marshal Bureau). As you finish your dealing with the sheriff and Marllow you’ll be given a flamethrower, which seems to be stowed away inside one of the cells
Short Description: Extremely powerful short range weapon. Spends fuel cells as ammunition.
Pros: The only weapon that works against the Alien. You cant’t kill it with the flamethrower, but, at least, it scares it away. The game gets a whole new dimension after you aquire the flamethrower, because you will finallyt have something to fight off the annoying monster. It can also burn Synthetic Androids, killing them eventually. Doesn’t need constant reload. Silent weapon. Great against face huggers.
Cons: Spends lots of fuel charges that are hard to find. Burning enemies scream, attracting unwanted attention.


Found in mission: Mission no. 11 – Hazard Containment
Location: Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal / Arrivals and Departures (west of Baggage Claim). On a dead man’s lap. You have to pick it up in order to acquire the keycard needed for mission objective. If you remember, during the second mission, if you visited this area there was an item mark on the in-game map, but no item to be found. Well, that item was the shotgun, which can be picked up now.
Short Description: Extremely powerful short range weapon. Has 4 shots before it needs reloading.
Pros: Instant short range kill against humans. Can take down Synthetic Androids after couple of precise headshots.
Cons: Loud weapon. Long reload.


Found in mission: Mission no. 14 – The Descent
Location: Engineering / Maintenance Deck (Chief Engineer’s Office). On a silver metal table inside a room with yellow, red and black cables on the ground.
Short Description: Long Range weapon with one charge. It takes a while to aim, but it has longer range and more stopping power than the shotgun or the revolver.
Pros: Extremely powerful against Synthetic Androids. Two headshots bring them down (sometimes you can kill them with one, fully charged, precision headshot). Synthetics move slow so if you have enough space you can move away, aim until fully charged and unleash the pain. Can be used against humans as well.
Cons: One shot before a long, long reload. You have to charge it a bit before shooting it so it is not suitable as a wepoan you must use right away (flamethrower ftw)


Alien: Isolation does provide several weapons for you to fight various enemies. By far the most useful weapon is the flamethrower. It scares of the Alien and is very effective against both humans and androids. Unfortunately, its ammo is scarce and runs out quickly so use it for those must use situations (when being chased by the Alien). When there is no alien around you can use your stun baton and melee hits (early on) or shotgun and boltgun to dispose of pesky androids. You can dispose of humans as well, but I always find it hard to do that after all they’ve been through (besides, Alien is there to pick up the slack). After all the sneaking it is nice to know you can blast away a Synthetic that has been citing protocol violations, while trying to snap your head off your shoulders.
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