ACNH Kapp'n - How to Increase Boat Tours Limit

The Kapp’n is one of the new characters which have been added to Animal Crossing New Horizons in update 2.0. Like Brewster, he is another character that long-time fans of the series will be happy to see make an introduction in ACNH as well. Like in his previous appearances, here, too, his role is to ferry you from island to island. And, like we will see in this ACNH Kapp’n – How to Increase Boat Tours Limit guide, there are a couple of things you will need to keep in mind when dealing with the Kapp’n.


How to Get Kapp’n on Your Island in Animal Crossing New Horizon

To be able to make use of Kapp’n and his boat services, head to the Pier. Here, you will see the Kapp’n. When you speak with him, you will then be able to hire him to take you on Mystery Tours to nearby islands. This costs 1,000 Nook Miles and you can do this once per day. In fact, you will need to travel to these islands in order to meet Brewster and also to find Gyroid Fragments there.

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How to Increase Boat Tours Limit in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As we mentioned, Kapp’n can take you on a boat tour only once per day. Naturally, this has left many players wondering if there is anything that they can do to somehow raise this boat tours limit. After all, you can do this for some other things in the game. And while we hate to be the bearers of bad news, unfortunately, as of right now, there is no way that you can raise Kapp’n boat tours limit. This means that you will need to plan ahead of when to take his boat tour services. Of course, this is simply the situation as it stands right now, and there could always be a change to how this system works in an upcoming patch or update.

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