Ladder Set-Up Kit ACNH - How to Get Permanent Ladders

The latest ACNH update was a substantial one, and it added a whole bunch of brand-new items and content into an already big game. Players can now enjoy a cup of coffee in a cafe, go on mystery boat tours, grow crops and vegetables which can then be cooked into new recipes, and more. Another addition to the game comes in the form of permanent ladders. To create these, you will first need to craft a Ladder Set-Up Kit. Like their name suggests, these allow you to permanently place ladders at certain points. Our Ladder Set-Up Kit ACNH – How to Get Permanent Ladders guide will explain everything you need to know about this new item, including how to get it and how you can use it.

Ladder Set-Up Kit ACNH - How to Get Permanent Ladders

How to Get Ladder Set-Up Kit in ACNH

To be able to get the Ladder Set-Up Kit in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you first need to purchase the recipe needed to craft it. You can get it at Nook’s Cranny, and it costs 2,000 Bells. Once you have the recipe, you will need to find a crafting station to build it, and have the crafting materials necessary to do so. Luckily, the materials you will need to craft it are not too difficult to get. They are: x5 Wood and x1 Ladder.

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How to Set Up Ladders in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you have constructed a Ladder Set-Up Kit, you will then need to find a good spot where you can use it. Choose a cliff that you would like to climb and then approach it. Go into your inventory and then select the Wooden ladder set-up kit. Next, choose the “Set Next to Cliff” option. And that’s it, this cliff will now have a permanent ladder on it. This way, you can climb up and down whenever you want to.

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