Anthem Tomb of Yvenia Location - Where to Find Entrance

Tomb of Yvenia is one of four major tombs in Anthem. These locations can be accessed after a certain point in the game’s main story, but you’ll need to complete a bunch of tasks before they let you in. Some players are having trouble finding the entrance to the tomb – it’s near Fort Tarsis, but it’s hidden from prying eyes. This guide will show you where to find entrance to Anthem Tomb of Yvenia.

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anthem tomb of yvenia location
Anthem Tomb of Yvenia Location – Where to Find Entrance

Where to find entrance to Tomb of Yvenia?

As you exit Fort Tarsis and you’re standing on the launching platform, head left and follow the wall. When you see a path diverging from the wall, follow it. It’ll lead you to a small stream. Turn left again and follow the stream south – it’ll lead you into the cave. Head straight forward until you reach a chamber with a waterfall. If you look right, you’ll see two sentinel soldiers, and behind them a glowing door. That’s the entrance to the Tomb of Yvenia.

However, keep in mind you won’t be able to just enter it whenever you like. In order to unlock the tomb’s challenge, you’ll first have to reach a certain point in the main story. The challenge isn’t so much difficult as it is arduous. You might not break a sweat while trying to complete it, but it’ll take you a fair amount of time.

If you’re having trouble with any other part of Anthem, we’ve written at length about coin farming, creating a new character, getting past the server issues, playing with friends and more. We’re going to keep exploring Bastion and writing about all the difficult places, missions and challenges we encounter, so stay tuned if you think you might get stuck someplace again.

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