Anthem How to Create Second Character - New Pilot

Creating a second character in Anthem is more convoluted than it should be. If you want a new pilot, there’s only one way to get it, and getting to the character creation screen for the second time can be a real challenge. Since this is the only way to change your appearance, a lot of people are wondering how to do it. This guide will show you how to create second character in Anthem.

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anthem how to create second character new pilot
Anthem How to Create Second Character – New Pilot

How to create new character in Anthem?

First of all, you’ll need to go back to the first screen you see when you start the game. I’m talking about the one with the javelin bay and the game’s name written across it in large letters. After the initial “contacting online services” part, the game will ask you to press space. Do not do this. Instead, look closely at the lower right corner. You’ll see two button promtps – one leads into the settings screen, the other into character creation.

Choose the “new pilot” option, and you’ll end up on a screen with three pilot slots. That’s how much you get per account. The first one will be occupied – your original character will be there. The other two are fair game. Pick one, and create your second pilot.

Keep in mind, though, that all your pilots will share some things, but none of the essentials. This means story progress and gear/weapons won’t carry over – you’ll have to start from scratch with each new character. On the other hand, the things that do carry over include unlocks, currencies, appearance items and challenge progress. It’s better than nothing, since you won’t have to grind thousands of gold coins for that particular vanity item again, but it still could’ve been better, especially seeing how a lot of people will be using the option to change gender.

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  1. D

    How do you do this on Playstation 4?

    1. M

      Basically same as PC, main game title screen with Athem in big letters, bottom right and press square button if I remember and that’s it same as above.

    2. R
      Ryan S

      On Playstation 4 when you first start the game at the main menu press SQUARE instead of X. Pressing SQUARE will bring you the the new pilot screen. (Pressing X will load your game as usual.)

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