Anthem How To Change Javelin Color - Armor Customization

Armor customization in Anthem isn’t too detailed. It allows you to slightly alter the shape of your gear, apply some vinyls and decals, and change the color of certain parts of the suit. Most of these customization options can be unlocked by completing challenges, or bought from the store. However, you’ll have a bunch of colors at your disposal by default, allowing you to repaint the javelin early on. This guide will show you how to change javelin color in Anthem.

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anthem how to change javelin color armor customization
Anthem How To Change Javelin Color – Armor Customization

How to customize javelin appearance?

In order to change the color of your javelin, you’ll have to go to the forge. Once you’re there, switch to the appearance tab. There will be a bunch of options – wear states, vynils, cosmetic armor pieces – but you want to open up the paints. Once you do, you’ll see a screen with six paint slots. Each of them governs a different part of your suit, so you can make a bunch of combinations.

Now, this part is important – if you want to change the color, you need to click on the little rectangle on the right side of the button. This will take you to the color picker screen, which will either show you the metal shades you’ve unlocked, or a vast palette of colors for use with other materials.

If you click anywhere else on the big button that represents a slot, like most people will, you’ll be taken to the material screen. This lets you choose between various types of metal, leather and cloth, which have different textures and maybe even colors. However, it’s not enough if you really want to repaint your suit.

If you’re wondering how to get more metal paints, you should check out our faction loyalty rewards guide – it lists all the stuff you can get by leveling up your reputation.

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