Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions

Tomb of General Tarsis pedestal puzzles in Anthem are small puzzles you have to solve in order to complete the tomb. On the surface, they don’t seem too hard. You just have to match the symbols on the pedestal puzzles with symbols found in their vicinity. However, the game throws in a couple of wrenches into the idea. So, solving the pedestal puzzles in Anthem’s Tomb of General Tarsis can become bit of a situation. With that being the case, here’s our Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions guide to show you how to solve the pedestal puzzles, where to find the symbols, etc.

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Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions
Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis Pedestal Puzzle Solutions

How to Open First Pedestal Door in Tomb of General Tarsis?

To open the first pedestal door in the Tomb of General Tarsis in Anthem, you have to match the symbols on the pedestals to the symbols on the door. Specifically, the two that are next to each other in the middle of the door. You can completely ignore the symbol in the lower right corner, or the ones overgrown in ivy.

how to open pedestal doors tomb of general tarsis anthem

Now, the trick here is that the symbols in this puzzle, just like in the subsequent ones, are random. In our run, they were the octagon and the star, as you can see in the image above. However, it’ll likely be different for you. So, match the left symbol on the left pedestal, and the right symbol on the right pedestal. Boom, you’re in. It’s a fairly simple puzzle, and prepares you for solving the pedestal puzzles deeper in the tomb. Speaking of which…

Tomb of General Tarsis – How to Solve Three Pedestal Puzzles & Unlock Door?

To solve the three pedestal puzzles and open the main chamber in Anthem’s Tomb of General Tarsis, you’ll have to match the symbols on the pedestals with the symbols in the vicinity. So, it’s pretty much the same as the previous door. However, it’s a little more difficult here, so let’s explain them one by one. Before we continue, though, keep in mind that the symbols here are also random. Okay, let’s go.

To get to the first set of pedestals, go right immediately after you enter the huge cavern with the statue of a figure holding a sword. Climb up the stairs, and there are the pedestals. The first symbol is on the floor next to the left pedestal, and the second one is on the wall to the right and above the pedestals.

The second pair of pedestals is next to the staircase leading to the central chamber of the tomb. We’ve found the symbol for the left pedestal, which is right next to them. There doesn’t seem to be a trace of the second symbol, but that’s fine. Just set the left pedestal to the symbol on the left, and spin the right pedestal until you get to the solutions. There’s only four options, so it’s pretty easy either way.

The third set of pedestals is in the far left corner of the chamber. To find the symbols, turn around and, with your back to the pedestals, look to your right. You’ll find the left symbol directly in front of you, and the right symbol on the top of the staircase leading up and away.

All you have to do now is to solve the three puzzles, and watch the cutscene. If you need help with something else in the game, check out some of our other Anthem guides, including How To Change Javelin Color – Armor Customization, How to Redeem Faction Loyalty Rewards and How to Get Corium – Crafting the Dawn Shield – Titan Locations.

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