Anthem Inscriptions - What Do Gear Stats Mean

Stats on your gear aka gear inscriptions in Anthem can be confusing. The game fails to tell you what any of them mean in either a tutorial or your journal. Bioware is aware of the problem and are promising to release a stats page that will summarize all your javelin’s equipped gear stats in the upcoming update to the game. Until then, the community put their efforts together and compiled a list of best guesses. In case you are wondering what different stats on your gear in Anthem mean or do, here’s the complete list in our Anthem Inscriptions – What Do Gear Stats Mean guide to hopefully help you out.

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Anthem Inscriptions What Do Gear Stats Mean
Anthem Inscriptions – What Do Gear Stats Mean

What do Stats in Anthem Mean – Gear Inscriptions

Gear inscriptions in Anthem are different bonuses to stats that you can apply to your gear. Some of them you can apply to your whole set, while others only work for one gear piece. That’s easy to understand. What’s much less easy to understand is what some of them do, since the descriptions can be really vague. So, let’s go through them and suss out what the different Anthem gear inscriptions do.

Gear Icon – These inscriptions apply only to the one gear piece.

  • Critical +% Damage – Increase the damage from critical attacks
  • Combo +% Aura Effect – Increases the damage that Interceptor Aura pulses for
  • Gear + Speed – Reduces the cooldown of all skills
  • Physical +% Damage – Increases the damage of non-elemental attacks
  • Weapon +% Fire Rate – Increase the fire rate of weapon
  • Weapon -% Reload Time – Reduces the time it takes to reload
  • Weapon +% Mag Size – Increase the size of the magazine for weapon
  • Weapon +% Blast Damage – Increase the Blast damage of weapon

Javelin Icon – These inscriptions apply to your all of your gear.

  • +% Damage – Increases the damage output of everything
  • +% Force – Reduces the amount of damage it takes to stagger enemies
  • +% Harvest Bonus – Increase the amount of items that you get from harvesting flora/minerals
  • +% Pickup Radius – Increase the distance you will pickup items that are dropped
  • +% Thruster Life – Increases how long you can fly before overheating
  • +% Thruster Speed – Increase how fast your jets cool down
  • [Element] +% Damage – Increases damage of all skills of this element
  • [Element] +% Effect – Increase the status effect/duration of this element
  • [Element] +% Resist – Reduces damage taken from attacks of that element
  • [Keybind] +%Damage – Increases damage of that skill
  • [Keybind] +Speed – Reduces the cooldown of that skill
  • [Weapon Type] +% Ammo – Increase max ammo for that type
  • [Weapon Type] +% Damage – Increase the damage of all weapons of that type
  • Ammo +% Drop Rate – Increase the drop chance of ammo upon kill/damage
  • Ammo +% Pickup Amount – Increase how much ammo you get when picking up an ammo drop
  • Armor +% Max – Increases your green bar
  • Combo +% Damage – Increase the damage from using a detonator on a primed target
  • Combo + Targets – Detonating primed enemies chains to additional enemies
  • Effect +% – Increases how quickly statuses build up to prime an enemy
  • Elemental +% Dmg – Increases the damage from all elemental attacks
  • Gear +%Damage – Increases the damage of the skill on this gear piece
  • Gear +% Charges – Increases the number of charges that this skill has
  • Melee +% Damage – Increase the damage of melee attacks and skills
  • Overheat +% Delay – Reduces the time it takes to start recovering from overheating
  • Physical +% Resist – Reduces damage from non-elemental attacks
  • Repair +% Drop Rate – Increases the drop chance of healing kits upon kill/damage
  • Repair +% Amount – Increases how much healing kits will heal you
  • Shield +% Delay – Reduces the time it takes to start recovering your shield
  • Shield +-% Refresh – How quickly your shield recharges once it starts recovering
  • Shield +% Max – Increase your blue bar
  • Storm Combo Augment – Increases the number of combo chains by 2
  • Supply +% Drop Rate – Increases the drop chance of gear/weapons/components upon kill/damage
  • Support +% Luck – Increase the chance of better quality loot
  • Support +% Speed – Reduces the cooldown of your support skill
  • Ultimate +% Damage – Increases the damage caused by your Ultimate
  • Ultimate +% Speed – Increase the rate at which you build your ultimate meter back up
  • Weapon +% Damage – Increases weapon damage
  • Weapon +% Clip – Increases the magazine size of all weapons
  • Weapon +% Ammo – Increases the max ammo for all weapons

We’ll update the guide further as more inscriptions are figured out. If there are any that you’ve found, please feel free to share with us in the comments. In case you need assistance with something else in the game, check out some of our other Anthem guides, including Legendary & Masterwork Weapons – Effects & Perks, Mederines’ Disciple Collectible Locations Challenge, and World Boss Locations – Ancient Ash Titan.

We would like to thank Reddit user Falsedemise and the Anthem Reddit community for their work on compiling Anthem inscriptions.

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