Anthem The Crimson Lancer Radio Collectible Location

Crimson Lancer radio collectible is one of hundreds of bits of lore in Anthem that you can find. As the name implies, it’s a radio that you can listen to the show called The Crimson Lancer. It’s a fun bit of lore; a cheesy, horribly-acted radio show straight from the fifties. If that tickles your fancy, our Anthem The Crimson Lancer Radio Collectible Location guide will show you exactly where to find the radio in Fort Tarsis that plays The Crimson Lancer.

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Anthem The Crimson Lancer Radio Collectible Location
Anthem The Crimson Lancer Radio Collectible Location

Where to Find Crimson Lancer Radio Collectible in Anthem?

To find the Crimson Lancer radio collectible in Anthem, you’ll have to explore Fort Tarsis a little bit. There are several radios around Fort Tarsis that you can turn on and listen to the shows, and the one playing Crimson Lancer is one of them. You might have noticed that some NPCs, like Faye, sometimes mention Crimson Lancer, so you might want to get a taste of what the show’s like. And, well, the game lets you, and it’s absolutely hilarious. The writing and acting are clearly intentionally awful, and I love it. Here’s how to find the Crimson Lancer radio.

We’re gonna start from the Forge. Turn your back to your javelin, and head out the ornate door, and onto the plaza. When you reach the fountain, head left, and through the first doorway you come across. Follow the path for a little while, until you get to the small crossroad. Look to the left as you come across it. You’ll find the radio on a stack of crates, next to a chair and a door, under an awning. Turn it on, and have a listen. It’s well worth it, I promise you.

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