Anthem How to switch weapons on PS4, XBOX One and PC

How to switch weapons in Anthem is not as obvious as it seems. Many controls and parts of gameplay system are not well explained. During our gameplay it was pretty easy to unlock the second weapon slot, but the real problem popped up when we tried to switch between them. As you can see, you are not the only one, thus we decided to write this short guide.

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how to switch weapons anthem
How to switch weapons in Anthem

How to switch weapons on PS4, XBOX One and PC

The most important thing you have to know about this game is that choice of your weapons is crucial, because you can’t change or equip new weapons whenever you want. All your weapon or gear choices can be made only in the Forge or Launch Bay.

At the start of the game, you’ll easily reach level 3 and your Pilot will unlock Second Weapon Slot. This will give you you the opportunity to use two main weapons. Just visit the Forge and equip new weapon. If you want to switch on your second weapon you have to hold square on PlayStation 4 or X on Xbox One. On PC just hold your reload button, the default one is R. Also, don’t forget that your Javelin can’t equip all types of weapons that you’ll come across.

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