Metro Exodus Diary Locations Chapter 5 Yamantau - Where to Find Notes

The diary pages, or notes, in Metro Exodus are collectibles that you can find in the game. Finding the note collectibles in Metro Exodus can be pretty tricky sometimes, even in more linear levels like Chapter 5: Yamantau. It’s not exactly easy to look for documents when you’re on the run from crazed cannibals. So, we’ve put together our Metro Exodus Diary Locations Chapter 5 Yamantau – Where to Find Notes guide to hopefully help you out.

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Metro Exodus Diary Locations Chapter 5 Yamantau - Where to Find Notes
Metro Exodus Diary Locations Chapter 5 Yamantau – Where to Find Notes

Where to Find Note Collectibles in Metro Exodus Yamantau Chapter 5?

To find all the note, or diary, locations in Metro Exodus, all you have to do is follow through the linear level and keep your peepers open. The first one you’ll come across after staging a daring escape on the elevator. As soon as you hop off, go through the metal detector, and turn left. You’ll find the diary on the desk next to the red rotary phone.

The second note is on the firing range. You’ll reach this area after making your way through the hellish freezer area. Since you’re on the run from cannibals, you can imagine what their cold storage looks like. Anyway, once you’re out of there, you’ll come across a yellow breaker box. Interact with it to turn on the lights, then crawl into the shooting range. The diary is on some manner of large container in the left corner of the tiny space. Incidentally, the shooting range is also where you can find one of the Metro Exodus postcard locations.

The third diary is much better-hidden than the previous two. It’s in the large area full of piles and piles of all kinds of garbage. As you make your way through it, keep an eye out to the right. You’ll eventually come across a small side room with a single locker. The diary is on a large ammo crate inside that small room.

If you need visual assistance, you can check out our video guide on Yamantau collectibles to see the locations of all the diaries and postcards. And, if you’re having trouble with anything else, head on to one of our other Metro Exodus guides, such as Taiga Dam Door – How to Turn On Generator, Where to Tune Radio – Join Us on Air Trophy, and How to Fix Broken Gas Mask – Martian Trophy.

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