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Cale-Anderson Anarky tagCale-Anderson Anarky Tag is a hidden symbol numbered 32 under Gotham City Intel menu. The sign is located in Coventry district.
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Search for the building with a blue neon Cale Anderson sign on the rooftop. The building is located in the Northern map area. When you find a huge neon sign, glide down and look for a huge air-conditioner machinery hooked on the wall. Tag becomes visible only when you activate Detective Vision mode.
The Anarky Sign is hidden on a wall, next to the bottom left corner of the machinery. When you approach the wall, scan the sign while in Detective Vision mode.
Cale-Anderson Anarky Tag Text
When was the last time any pharmaceutical company announced a cure? They don’t search for cures anymore. Cures are bad for business. If you cure someone you can only have them as a consumer once. But if you manage their condition, well, then you have a customer for life. For-profit pharmaceutical research willneve cure the diseases of our time. They prey on your compassion and your guilt and use it for their own gain. Stop funding them.Stop giving them our tax dollars. Take their research and give it back to the people who will use it for the common good.
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