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Wayne Enterprises Anarky TagWayne Enterprises Anarky Tag is a hidden symbol located in Coventry district. It can be spotted on the Wayne Enterprises building, in the central map area west of Lacey Towers.
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When you find a huge neon sign W ENT, glide down towards delivery truck on the street. Tag becomes visible only when you activate Detective Vision mode.
The Anarky Sign is hidden on a brick wall to the right of the truck trailer with Gotham Rail sign on it. When you approach the wall, scan the sign while in Detective Vision mode.
Wayne Enterprises Anarky Tag Text
The Waynes.Gotham royalty and their sole surviving prince. Bruce Wayne. Born into adventage for generations, this family has tried to blind us with generosity – but their generosity does not mask their extreme guilt from pillaging this city in years past. How does one family get so rich?On the back of the worker. Perhaps there wouldn’t be so many orphans if the Waynes paid their workers fairly for their labor,and they could save on all their donations to orphanages? Did Bruce Wayne invent these products? Did he sweat on the assembly line to create them?No. He just paid himself tens, hundreds, and thousands of times what he pays his workers, and then pats himself on the back for his ingenuity.Charity simply allows him to feel good about himself, makes him feel like he’s helping those poor souls who can’t fend for themselfs while he sips his champagne and eats his foiegras. If only he’d pay them fairly, they wouldn’t need his charity. Perahaps Mister Wayne should read a little of Abraham Linkcoln:’Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed.Labor is the superior of the capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.’
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