Ikaros Prompt Notifications - How to Turn Off in AC Odyssey

Ikaros notifications in AC Odyssey are a prompt you get when you approach a point of interest. The prompts to use Ikaros have been frustrating a lot of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, especially in Exploration Mode. It doesn’t let players enjoy Exploration Mode in Odyssey fully, because it constantly interrupts and doesn’t let you explore for yourself. With that in mind, here’s our AC Odyssey how to turn off Ikaros notifications guide to hopefully help you out.

AC Odyssey Ikaros Prompt Notifications - How to Turn Off
AC Odyssey Ikaros Prompt Notifications – How to Turn Off

How to turn off Ikaros notification prompts in AC Odyssey?

To turn off Ikaros notifications in AC Odyssey, you first have to go into the Options menu in the game. From there, head over to the HUD tab. In the bottom right corner, you’ll find the option Tips and Messages. Turn that option off. This is probably going to get rid of the Ikaros prompts from that point on. You might also have to restart the game for the change to take place.

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Now, I said probably two sentences ago. This is because turning off Tips and Messages hasn’t worked for a number of players, who are still getting the Ikaros prompts in Exploration Mode. This might be some kind of bug, or the notifications can’t be turned off at all. Either way, the situation sucks. The idea behind Exploration Mode was to make the game less hand-holdy, but Ubisoft apparently just can’t help themselves. So, every time you get to a place where something is important, the game will immediately yell at you to let Ikaros fly and basically mark everything important to you. This essentially renders the whole point of Exploration Mode moot.

Hopefully, if nothing else, the developers will hear players’ desires, and add the option to remove the Ikaros prompts completely. If you need help with something else, you can check out some of our other AC Odyssey guides, including Birds of A Feather Quest, How to Unlock Evie from Syndicate, and others.

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