Unearthing the Truth - Where to Find Locked Chest Key - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Unearthing the Truth quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has you hunting for a key to unlock a chest. You need to find the locked chest key in Unearthing the Truth to find evidence against Kleon. The game does tell you who to look for, but finding that person is a whole different thing. Finding the key for the locked chest is necessary for continuing in AC Odyssey. So, here’s our guide on where to find locked chest key in AC Odyssey Unearthing the Truth quest.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Unearthing the Truth - Where to Find Locked Chest Key
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Unearthing the Truth – Where to Find Locked Chest Key

Where to Find Key to Unlock Chest – AC Odyssey Unearthing the Truth Quest

Once you’ve reached the point where you’ve found Kleon’s locked chest, the game tells you that you have to find the key. The game directs you to locate Phaelos, and pick the key up from him. We found Phaelos in the southeast corner of the Parthenon, in Akropolis, Greater Athens, in Attika. The whole area is crawling with guards, so you’ll either have to slaughter your way to your target, or sneak across the rooftops. Although, it has to be said, we kinda tried to do both, leading us to have to fight both Phealos and some guards.

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You’ll recognize Phaelos fairly easily. He wears gold, shiny armor and a brown cape. He has long, black hair and beard. The game will mark you for him, so it shouldn’t be that hard to locate him. Alternatively, you can always send Ikaros to the southeast corner of the Parthenon and find Phealos that way. All that’s left is to kill your target and go back to the chest in the Propylea area and unlock it. Raid it for the proof against Kleon you need, and report to Sokrates at the Pnyx. We’re, of course, not going to spoil what happens afterwards.

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    Ted Miller

    I’ve found the locked chest, but the game only tells me it’s locked. I’m not told to find the key, nor where or who to look for next. The prompt is still telling me how to locate Thespis’ house, despite the fact that I have found all the clues. The last clue said to look in the garden, and the only thing there is the chest, which has a blue marker (as if it were one of the secrets associated with the tablets with the unpronouncable names).

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      Ted Miller

      Never mind. The game now shows it as a separate mission for some reason. Annoying, but I see the clue now.

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