Orichalcum Daily Quest Bug - Expired Glitch - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Orichalcum daily quests are special tasks in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They appear on notice boards, and completing them will give you the rare ore needed to buy gear from Oikos, the legendary merchant. They rorate on a daily basis, but there’s a nasty bug that’s affecting a lot of people, which blocks them from even starting these quests. If you’re affected by the AC Odyssey orichalcum daily quest bug, know that you’re not alone.

ac odyssey orichalcum ore daily quest bug
AC Odyssey Orichalcum Daily Quest Bug

Ore daily quest glitch

The bug most often manifests itself by showing the word “expired” below the quest, which stops you from starting it. When all the available quests are marked as expired, it might just ruin your day. The stuff Oikos sells isn’t cheap, and you’ll need quite a stockpile if you’re planning to purchase anything from him. These quests are a great way to earn orichalcum ore – the amount you get for each depends on the difficulty, and it ranges from “nice” to “princely”.

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Sadly, there’s no way around this issue. You’ll just have to wait for Ubisoft to fix it. In the meantime, you can earn ore by collecting the fragments scattered around the map. There’s quite a few of them, and you can find them all in our orichalcum ore locations map guide.

You could also pass up the opportunity to buy stuff from Oikos. Sure, some of it is great, but there’s so much legendary gear in the wild, golden-quality weapons and armor you don’t have to pay for. There’s a bunch of legendary armor sets, and even more weapons. You can get them from cultists, by completing various quests and finishing location objectives around the world. One of the best we’ve found is the Atlantean Blade, which a is a dagger you can get by completing a simple side quest chain.

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    So; I was able to do the daily quests until yesterday when noticed the Orichalcum quest suddenly disappeared from my available quests with no apparent reason and today I added it to my quests tab and when I went to look for, it wasn’t there. Between that and the fact that there isn’t currently any game progression after reaching level 70, I find there really isn’t much reason for me to continue playing AC Odyssey until the next DLC or fix comes out. I can think of a lot of things to say about that, but I understand it’s best not to waste time saying them and just find something better to do while waiting for Ubisoft to update the game again.

  2. E

    I just started playing few days ago but apart from first mission I didn’t get any other on my notice board. They simply don’t show up – disapointed with ubisoft as I always had very good opinion about them but judging how long people are reporting this problem and there is still no fix makes me doubt in ubisoft customer care.

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